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Like It Is With Most Things...Fix the Right Thing and It All Changes

If the power company has a power outage in your area you will not return to full power by changing a light bulb.  If your brakes are out on your car changing the oil will not help.  If your house is a mess it will not improve if you take a walk.  If you have headaches constantly it may be “all in your head” but taking a psyche drug does not handle it.  If you have a medical condition taking a drug for it will not solve the reason you have it, but it may mask the symptoms.  Taking a drug for depression will not handle the fact that your family member has died.
Health care needs to change but not in the ways proposed by the government.  If you have high blood pressure taking a drug to control it does not solve the problem;  the reason it is high is undiscovered.  Having your blood pressure checked is not preventive medicine but taking action to avoid developing high blood pressure in the first place is prevention.

The thing you could concentrate on is demanding doctors and other health care workers discover WHY something is what it is and fix that!  Find the cause of your health problems.  Do not accept any masking treatment protocols but rather insist on getting help to find the cause.

Here are some startling facts provided by Grace E Jackson, MD in a 2010 presentation entitled “Psychiatric Drugs“  based on her experiences while employed as a clinician and Medical Director within several agencies that deliver publicly funded services to the mentally ill.   She cites  The Department of Veteran Affairs comparison of death rates of demented veterans who avoided psychiatric drugs to those who took newer antipsychotic medication or old “conventional” antipsychotic medication.  Of 12,821 patients who avoided these medications  18% died within one year.  Of the 10,615  veterans who experienced treatment with antipsychotic drugs the outcome was  quite different;  23%  of veterans died within 1 year who took newer antipsychotic meds, 25% of veterans who took older antipsychotic meds died within 1 year and 29% of those who took both (sequentially or concurrently) died within one year.

The United States comprises 4.5% of the world’s population but consumes 90% of the stimulant sales, 63% of the antipsychotics, 51% of the antidepressants.  Our enemies will have an easy time of it because drugs cause apathy, inaction and disinterest in life by the user.

What about the deaths caused by properly prescribed medications? Dr. Barbara Starfield, in an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) 2000, pointed out that her research estimated the adverse effects of medication taken exactly as prescribed resulted in 106,000 inpatient deaths due to the pharmaceuticals and 199,000 outpatient deaths due to pharmaceuticals EACH YEAR.  In 2006 there were 629,191 deaths in the US attributed to cardiac disease, 560,102 due to cancer and 305,000 due to adverse drug reactions.  There is not a physician in existence that could possibly predict which of his patients are going to die due to a properly prescribed pharmaceutical drug.  Some doctors are not willing to live with that.  Some doctors have decided to look for other ways to help patients.  When you minimize prescription use you have to find out what CAUSES a patient to have a problem and then,  addressing that cause, you can figure out what the body is missing resulting in poor health or you can figure out what toxin is causing the difficulty.  It is not glamorous to talk to patients about their diet and exercise habits, it is not glamorous to prescribe nutrients to handle deficiencies but guess what… it avoids unnecessary complications and patients like it when they get better.  It is simple when someone breaks a leg to make the right recommendations to heal the leg, it is obvious what needs to be done when someone is pregnant, it is obvious to decide what to do when someone is in a car wreck and requires surgery but those solutions do not work for the common everyday chronic health problems like digestive disorders, fatigue, headaches, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis…. and on and on.  Those problems are chronic, complex and deserve a comprehensive evaluation that is unique for that patient and results in clear paths to solutions and the alleviation of the problem.  Yep, restoring circulation and wiping out aches and pain and increasing energy are things any conscientious doctor can help you with.

 We need real health care and real health care reform and we are not going to see effective medical care until we demand it.  It will take the public outcry to change any of this so start talking if you care.  You know, organic food did not magically appear in the grocery stores, it was demanded by enough of us for someone to finally listen and then competition took over.  Competition for your interest and your health care dollars will change America for the better so start talking about what you want.

Health Care Reform Needs to Fail

We have health savings accounts combined with high deductible insurance policies we could make available to many more citizens at far less expense than the current ideas.  People need to spend health care dollars on doctors and treatments THEY choose.  There is no need to mandate mental health care or force young people with the threat of jail and fines to buy something they do not want.  Respecting people to direct their own choices in health care seems to be in alignment with America’s constitution and heritage.  In the current system doctors are helping people without being fairly reimbursed and they still help.  They are not paid for some of the care they give.  If you put patients and doctors back in control of their lives and allow people to find and buy insurance from any company they want you would see prices fall and people healthier.  It is demoralizing for patients and doctors and other health care providers to have to spend time and money meeting the mandates of government and insurance companies.  The insurance companies that would prevail would be companies doctors and patients liked. 
The threats in the coming legislation weighs so heavy on hearts of most Americans.  If you are a small business, like most doctors offices, it is a double whammy.  Socialism is never going to be less expensive than a free market.  Just think of one of the new initiatives in the health care bill in the field of psychiatry.  The poor psyches, people do not readily seek their care in large enough numbers so they have to have the government mandate  people see them and use their programs.  It has to be ordered!!  So they are now going to screen newly pregnant women and small children for mental health problems.  Their treatments are mind altering drugs and this will result in many more hapless people convinced that they are better off drugged.  

A good way to fight back is to find out how to stay healthy and avoid having to use the medical system run by the government.  Did you know that hospitals have adopted some of these rationing techniques ahead of the passage of the legislation?  You do not want to be elderly AND ill.  Staying fit and healthy is the answer.  People who feel good have the energy to be involved in their community and can help less able people and most importantly they can be politically active enough to protect privacy and freedom.

Government Taxes on Sugar Soft Drinks Insane

As a preview of life with big government growing more intrusive everyday the latest threat is a tax on soft drinks.Citizens can handle their own choices thanks very much. These stupid bureaucrats do not read much research and if they did they would come across the medical fact that the more fat free and sugar free foods you eat the fatter you get. Why? They create, with the chemicals added including the artificial sweeteners, nervous system excitotoxins and cravings for carbs. Please do the research and if you are overweight eat fresh foods, start cooking and stay away from processed foods. If you do that and include a variety of cold pressed and organic oils you will drop the pounds. An undernourished body hangs on to every calorie thinking it is starving to death.

This move must have been backed by the artificial sweetener giant Monsanto. You must not count on your government for factual data, they follow anyone who donates and donates big. They are bought off. Who in their right mind would let an obese group like the government and all its depts make decisions about what you should eat and drink!!

In an article by Nancy Markle commenting on the World Environmental Conference and the Multiple Sclerosis  Foundation is the warnings:  “When the temperature of aspartame exceeds 86 degrees F, the wood alcohol in aspartame coverts to formaldehyde and then to formic acid, which in turn causes metabolic acidosis. (Formic acid is the poison found in the sting of fire ants).  The methanol toxicity mimics multiple sclerosis; thus people were being diagnosed with MS in error.  The multiple sclerosis is not a death sentence, where methanol toxicity is .”

“In the case of systemic lupus, we are finding it has become almost as rampant as MS, especially for Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi drinkers…If you are using aspartame (NurtaSweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc.) and you suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms, spasms,shooting pains, numbness in your legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, joint pain, depression, anxiety, slurred speech, blurred vision, or memory loss—you probably have aspartame DISEASE!”


The President's Health Care Plan

Did anyone else think this pep talk a bit off the mark?  I am just a Dr. Mom but…if new programs will be paid for by curbing fraud and waste in the other government health care plans then…....aren’t we headed for more.   If you cannot clean up the fraud and abuse NOW why should we design another government program to abuse???  Why do the same thing again.  We have all the solutions we need for great health care.
Really, we do.  We have private insurance, state and federal help if you have no money , health savings accounts with high deductible catastrophic coverage, and laws that make sure no one turned away from emergencies rooms.  We have antiaging medical treatments that do not involve heavy pharmaceutical use and that will keep you healthy until your work is done and/or you wear out. 

Washington cannot think, we need to strengthen what we have with tax  incentives.  Coleen