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Patient Comments- A Parnership with Dr. Maulfair

April 23, 2019

Before I went to see Dr. Maulfair, I had been feeling sick for about 5 months like I've never been sick before.

I went to my mainstream medicine doctors with symptoms of fatigue, extreme dizziness, nausea, digestive issues, cloudy thinking and a very bad rash with extreme itching on my eyes, scalp and forehead. I knew I had some type of allergy. At first my dermatologist thought I had a gluten intolerance and put me on a gluten-free diet which did not help at all. In September 2019, I went to the Allentown Fair and couldn't be sure what was gluten-free, so I said to my husband "I'll have some cotton candy, that has no gluten." After eating the cotton candy, the rash got worse and I began to itch over my head, face and neck. Then a light bulb went off. It was sugar!

Now I began to do my own research and came to the conclusion that I had an overgrowth of yeast in my intestines. I put myself on "The Candida Diet" (found on the Internet) immediately. I began losing weight quite quickly. My six-month check with my primary care doctor was due so I told him what came up with. He did not say much and looked down, told me to follow-up with the dermatologist. After I told the dermatologist what I suspected and the fact that the gluten-free diet was not working, he told me it looked like I had a chemical allergy. I asked him "What about my other symptoms?". He said he did not know. He asked if I was using something new. I could not think of anything and told him no. I later realized that he was right about at least the chemical allergy.

Besides the recent symptoms I was having, for many years I had digestive issues each time I ate, including gas, bloating and at times severe diarrhea. I went to my gastroenterologist and he came up with nothing more than giving me a C-Diff test. I knew I couldn't have that, because I had it after my C-section and they hospitalized me for 2 weeks on an IV. So again, I was left on my own to try whatever might work. I stopped eating wheat products and took a Glucomannan fiber supplement which helped for a while.

I remained on the "Candida Diet", lost about 15 pounds and realized that some of the supplements I was taking were natural antifungals, causing die-off symptoms of the yeast and making me quite sick. In desperation, I left a message for my doctor requesting Nystatin or some prescription medication because I was not getting anywhere doing this myself. It was becoming difficult getting to work everyday and performing well at my job. His wife called me back stated the doctor would not give me Nystatin, "How do you know you have this?" At that point, I knew I had to look for an alternative doctor who recognizes this issue.

I believe it was divine guidance that led me to Dr. Maulfair in November 2018 who agreed with my findings and knew just how to treat it. I was so relieved. All my tests concluded that I had an overgrowth of yeast for most of my life which led to a leaky gut, dysbiosis and food intolerance I was never aware of. All of this explained so many health issues I had for years. My prayers were answered.

After 3 rounds of prescription antifungals, a vitamin and supplement regimen at home, of course "Dr. Maulfair's Candida Diet" and several months of oxidation, nutrient and glutathione infusions I was feeling so much better, but still itched and had a rash.

It occurred to me in late January that soon after I had a vinyl plank floor installed in my kitchen that all of this misery soon began. I researched this flooring and discovered that it was made from PVC, contained dioxins, phthalates and other toxins. Wow! I was going to rip out this floor for sure! With more research, I discovered a "green flooring" company who made a product that was environmentally safe. After the old floor was removed and the new one installed, what a difference! My eyes and itching cleared up. I feel so good, it is incredible!

Dr. Maulfair was so right about so many things. The idea that every part of your health is in your gut —your immune system, allergies, even your mood! That fact that your brain is connected to your gut is so true. I am living proof. With Dr. Maulfair's treatment I was able to discontinue antidepressants that I had been taking for 45 years and failed each time I tried to stop, due to withdrawal symptoms that made me so sick I could not function. This alone is a miracle! I am off all medications except for a mild blood pressure pill.

I feel tremendous after all of this. I told Dr. Maulfair at my last visit that I feel like "I can fly". My daughter is having a big wedding in June and I am so grateful to have renewed my health just in time for her big day.

— A.E.

Diagnostic Tools for Clinical Practice Lead to Real Results in Effective Treatments.

Dr. Conrad G. Maulfair, Osteopathic Physician

Effective medical care includes looking for and finding the causes of someone’s symptoms. If a physician only offers to medicate symptoms you never find the causes of health problems and the real problems continue as the need for additional medication increases. An example, you have probably noticed, is people on blood pressure medications need more medication over time as the pressure marches upward because the underlying cause has not been addressed. When the cause of chronic problems is not addressed you seldom find a lasting improvement in health.

The heavy metal lead is associated with increase in blood pressure, to continue with this example, if you have high blood pressure you should have your lead levels in hair and red blood cells tested. Contact our office for a copy of a study synopsis from the Journal of the American Medical Association entitled “Blood Lead, Blood Pressure, and Hypertension in Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Women.” Conclusions include blood lead levels positively associated with both systolic and diastolic blood pressure and risks of both systolic and diastolic hypertension among women aged 40-59 years. There is much more in this article so call us for the complete report.

Simple diagnostic procedures can demonstrate toxins such as pesticides reside in human fat tissue. The presence of fat stored toxins rob a person’s vitality and can seriously interfere with healthy aging. As an example, pesticides are directly correlated with the development of breast cancer. The EPA has long studied the prevalence of xenobiotics in the bodies of American public: they found residues of tens of toxins in all tissue samples taken across the country. Pharmaceutical drugs, street drugs and radiation are also stored in the body; in the case of drugs this is the reason past drug users still crave drugs and sometimes return to drug use.

Health conscious people recognize the interference and interruption of normal function fat stored toxins create. These toxins accelerate the aging process with all the pitfalls of developing chronic health problems.
In the case of heavy metal toxicity chelation therapy could be utilized to lower the levels of these toxins in your body. When they are removed the reasons for health problems diminish and you are healthier, hundreds of our patients have experienced the benefits of increased energy and less heart disease, lower blood pressure and improved arthritis. Diabetics often lower the levels of insulin they use, some can eliminate it,

Patients in our practice have an opportunity to address these problems with our rejuvenation programs which detoxify the body. The most effective program to eliminate fat stored toxins, such as pharmaceutical drugs, street drugs, pesticides, herbicides and environmental toxins is the sauna detoxification program described in a popular text on the subject titled “Clear Body Clear Mind”, by L. Ron Hubbard. We have this text for sale in our office or you can order it by going to our website links for or purchase it through any bookstore.

This program is the program you may have heard is responsible for restoring the health of the rescue workers of 9-11. These contemporary heroes suffered much in the months following their service at Ground Zero. So toxic they couldn’t work and having to retire at young ages these men and women have been regaining their health through Mr. Hubbard’s program. We offer this identical program in our medical center in Orefield. Tours and informational consultations can be arranged by calling 610-682-2104. We also give ongoing health education seminars, call to reserve your seat.

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What Do Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis and Cancer Have In Common?

Diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer are the big 4. Three of them are considered chronic degenerative diseases; they are ongoing and worsen over time. The likely common denominator among these diseases, and for that matter accelerated aging, is a toxic body load of heavy metals. Yes, toxic metals! There is a mountain of medical evidence validating the fact that small amounts of toxic metals; lead, cadmium, mercury, uranium, arsenic and others contribute to the development of chronic degenerative disease.
There are thousands of scientific references about lead in bodies associated with vascular disease, elevated blood pressure especially. Cadmium in the air over 28 cities was found to be associated with the incidence of vascular disease in people living in those cities.

Aluminum (al) has long been associated with decline of mental functions including Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum also damages the genetic material DNA. DNA besides being involved in genes is essential in everyday cellular function. Without proper DNA function the function of cellular activity deteriorates causing chronic degenerative diseases. Aluminum within cells will impair the cells energy production and therefore its health.

Arsenic is a well known metal poison. Arsenic can be introduced into the environment via pesticides and the glass and electronics industries. Its presence in human bodies has been shown to be associated with cancer, and peripheral vascular disease. Arsenic along with lead, cadmium, and mercury are neuro-toxic and associated with cardiovascular disease. Arsenic also affects glucose tolerance and type 2 diabetes. Arsenic is added to animal feed to fight parasites in chicken.

The less toxic metals we carry around the healthier we will be. What is the best thing to do? There are three things: decrease the amount of toxic metals you are exposed to by finding out where they come from and avoiding future exposures, seek out the proper testing of heavy metal toxic load in your body, and finally remove the existing metal load with intravenous chelation therapy.

There is much that can be done to enhance and maintain a high quality of life. Handling toxic metals is an essential part of the effort.

Conrad G Maulfair, Jr. D.O.

Maulfair Medical Center Medical Alert: Alzheimer's Disease Not Just Aluminum

It has been suggested for many years that many people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease have been shown to have deposits of aluminum in their brains and the connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease has been fairly well-discussed and generally accepted as, at least, a contributing factor. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) was unknown prior to the 20th century. The first case was published in 1907 by a German psychiatrist by the name of Alois Alzheimer. Text books on pathology up to 1938 did not mention any of the neurological changes that take place within the brain that cause Alzheimer’s disease. The epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease increased dramatically after 1950, Alzheimer’s disease tends to be more prevalent in “developed countries”. It was around 1950 that copper plumbing became widely used in “developed countries”; it is felt that the leaching of copper from copper plumbing is a major factor in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Many diseases have multiple factors and contributing causal agents so it may well be a combination of aluminum and copper.This potential for copper to be a contributing factor in the development of Alzheimer’s disease was supported by studies with laboratory animals in which the changes in the brains of the animals, fed copper in their drinking water, were exactly the same substance called amyloid-beta that occurs in Alzheimer’s disease patients’ brains. It was also shown that these laboratory animals had twice as much copper lining their blood vessels in their brains. The brain can remove this amyloid-beta with a protein called LRP (lipoprotein receptor related protein). This substance escorts the amyloid out of the brain. It was found during this research that copper damages the LRP and it stops working. Of interest, the US EPA allows 1.3 parts per million of copper in human drinking water which is over ten times the amount used in these animal experiments.
There are two basic forms of copper. One is organic copper which is in the food we eat and is bound to food proteins. It is therefore metabolized by the liver and is safe. An inorganic copper is a salt of copper which is the kind that is typically put in nutritional supplements and leaches into drinking water. It is not metabolized by the liver and increases the body’s overall copper pool where it becomes available to cause toxicity; it generates reactive oxygen species (free radicals). Free radical damage is a major feature of the Alzheimer’s disease of the brain.
Research has also shown that many people with Alzheimer’s disease also are deficient in zinc and zinc supplementation is typically part of a comprehensive chelation therapy program.
As far as dietary sources of copper are concerned, red meat is a common source. Processed meats including hot dogs, sausage and bacon are also a source. Copper sulfate used as a bactericide and fungicide sometimes on meat and fat and meat products can also be a source. Copper sulfate has also been used as a fungicide, bactericide in crops of rice, wild rice, cherries, oranges, wine grapes, peaches, nectarines, walnuts, almonds, lemons, apricots and grapefruit. You can also have your water tested for copper. If you have your own water treatment system, reverse osmosis is about 99% effective in removing copper.
Chelation therapy chelates or removes toxic metals from the body, including minerals such as copper and aluminum. The use of chelation therapy to treat someone who has Alzheimer’s disease may be helpful, depending upon how long the condition has been obvious. It will certainly be helpful in retarding early Alzheimer’s disease and a major factor in decreasing the potential of its occurring in the first place.
Other research has shown that iron can also contribute to the brain changes that occur in Alzheimer’s disease. Damage to DNA is involved in Alzheimer’s disease and both iron and copper interfere with the activity of two enzymes that repair DNA damage.
In addition to decreasing your exposure to copper and inappropriate levels of iron, chelation therapy to remove them should be an essential part of treating existing and contributing to preventing the advent of Alzheimer’s disease. The good news is something can be done about it, and as usual, with all chronic degenerative diseases, the sooner someone commences on an appropriate program, the more effective it will be and the more long-lasting will the effect be.

Dr Conrad G. Maulfair, D.O.
December 2014