Contamination Brings Early Aging

Dreams and goals are unattainable if you are ill. Have you noticed your interest in your personal activities actually increases in your forties and fifties? All of sudden you start thinking about the things you have put off. If you are taking care of aging parents they bring home to you the message of the importance of health.

Health and energy are the foundation for a happy life and you need to pay attention to ways in which they are robbed from you before you realize it. Aging starts earlier than people recognize. You can have the beginnings of heart disease in your twenties and as it slowly progresses over the course of your life you naturally have less energy, feel slightly ill all the time and enjoy your life less as you are approaching the problems in life with less enthusiasm. Some of joy of life leaves because you sleep poorly, you have less energy so you do less and you find yourself thinking you are not going to make a difference anyway. The quality of your life degenerates and many people accept this as a normal part of growing old.

I disagree. Years of helping people regain their vitality gives me the certainty that many, many people can be helped and their energy can be restored and so their contribution to life around them. Active, healthy people benefit society and we all gain something when one of us is doing well in the last decades of our lives.

The contamination of the human body is ignored in the practice of mainstream, corporate medicine. In fact, the treatments involve in standard care increase the level of chemicals in the body instead of reducing them. Any drug, even helpful drugs of which there are few, give your body a new problem. Not only is it still suffering from some underlying cause of your symptoms it is now burdened with decontaminating this chemical and trying to eliminate it without causing tissue damage. Can't be done. Once you swallow something you commit your body to doing something about it. Notice the warning of liver damage in most drug commercials on television; go to your pharmacy and get the side effects of drugs you take for various ailments. AND...we have not yet addressed the environmental chemicals you pick up from the food and water you drink and the air you breathe.

Little know facts I want my patients to know include the scientific fact that tiny amounts of lead in your body drive up blood pressure. When your doctor determines you have high blood pressure does he/she ever mention you should be checked for a toxic lead overload and if present you should have a course of intravenous chelation therapy to reduce the body burden of lead? Does he/she mention that intravenous chelation therapy is approved by the FDA for heavy metal toxicity? No? Well, why not?

If you have used street drugs in the past or heavy medical drugs and you crave them from time to time have you had the recommendation to reduce the body burden of these chemicals with sauna detoxification? It works. These residues cause health problems. Pesticides have been linked to the development of cancer.

If you are tired all the time and yet cannot sleep are your hormone and thyroid levels checked? No? Well it is time to find out what else you could be doing to help yourself. Find a physician who can help you without pharmaceuticals. Try

Susanne Somers is doing a great job of describing the vast array of medical choices you actually have. Find and read her books.

Healthy aging is possible. Give us a call and we will help any way we can.

Dr Conrad Maulfair, Osteopathic Physician

50 ish? Time to Age Gently

When you consider the fact that you accumulate toxins through out your lifetime including heavy metals and those drugs you did as a kid;  don’t forget all the chemicals in personal care products and manufactured food as well as the out gassing from new homes and fire retardants in furniture…you might being feeling a bit fatigued and ill.  Some of us are downright disease ridden.  This is a great time to do something about all this before you are sitting in a nursing home drooling unable to remember your life.

Gently aging should include a great nutrient supplement list, some exercise and treatments developed to take care of the toxins you are riddled with.  Tiny amounts of lead, not to mention cadmium and antimony, interfere with  your circulation and energy level.  Lead raises blood pressure leading to heart disease and strokes.  Chemicals make you foggy and stupid or worse, give you cancer.  The treatment best at removing metals is intravenous chelation therapy and the treatment best at removing chemicals is a Hubbard Method sauna detoxification program.

One of our recent patient successes is a rave report from a chelation patient who had a cardiac cath revealing three blocked arteries: one 50%, one 70% and another 80% blocked.  He decided after some years of chelation treatments as a maintenance program to have another cath.  Guess what?  No blockages at all on the second cath.  This is a reversal of heart disease.  Reversed.  So for the price of dinner out with friends you can change the course of your aging and have a chelation treatment once a month to continuely remove the lead and cadmium and other metals from your body.  Many of our patients notice their arthritis, dry skin, wrinkles and hair growth improve as a side benefit.  They feel and ARE younger.  The patient with blockages had 84 treatments over 76 months – economical way to reverse the disease process.  Dr. Maulfair conducts a very informative seminar discussing this thoroughly.

A contractor with chronic Lyme disease recently completed our sauna detoxification program and had a great benefit.  A few weeks after completing he is excited because he can work all day, into the early evening, and is not suffering from seasonal allergies that used to result in bad headaches and an inability to work all day.  He gets up every morning excited about his work.  There is more to that story you can find by emailing us for the success stories.  This sauna detoxification program is the exact protocol that delivers every time.

There are a ton of self help actions you can take to age gently and when you need something more intense come to us and we will help you reverse the declines associated with aging.


More on Science of Chelation Therapy

The chemistry behind chelation therapy was not invented; it was discovered.  The Swiss Nobel Laureate Alfred Werner in 1893 suggested the chemical structure that was later confirmed by others.  This chemical structure which involves an organic molecule surrounding a metal ion was defined and termed “chelation” in 1920 and in 1913 the Nobel Prize was awarded for discovery of chelation chemistry.
The complex, of the organic molecule, when it surrounds a metal nullifies the reactive charge on the metal which is what causes certain metals to have undesirable reactions.  Again, this chelation complex was not invented in a laboratory; it was discovered as existing in nature.  It is a part of nature and it is a part of us.  Examples of chelation chemistry existing in nature include chlorophyll which is a chelate of magnesium, hemoglobin which is a chelate of iron, vitamin B12 which is a chelate of cobalt.  The coenzyme, cytochrome C, and the enzymes, catalase and peroxidase, are chelates of iron.

Chelation therapy as a medical treatment, in part, is the use of a chelating agent (organic molecule) introduced into the body, ideally as an infusion (intravenously).  As it circulates around the body, suspended in the bloodstream, it will attract and surround a metal ion.  The resulting complex, chelating agent (organic molecule) and the surrounded metal ion will eventually pass through the kidneys.  The kidneys recognize this complex as not being food and not needed or wanted and it is filtered from the bloodstream through the kidneys into the urine and then eliminated from the body.  More in a moment about why the activity of deburdening the body of minerals and metals can be so therapeutic.

The consideration of using this chelation chemistry therapeutically in man began to be formulated in the era around World War II as an antidote for arsenic-containing poison gasses.  Arsenic is a metal, that if immobilized, would decrease the effectiveness of the poison gasses.  Around the same time, the chelating agent EDTA (ethylenediamine tetra-acetate acid) appeared on the scene in 1947.  Studies were done in Georgetown University and at Walter Reed Army Hospital on patients utilizing the chelating agent EDTA.  An entirely different application of chelation therapy in vascular disease and related disorders began to be reported in the medical literature around 1950.  Back to minerals and why they are so important in health and in disease.

Energy production is the most basic and essential activity in the body.  Impaired energy production will result in impaired health and is a major factor in the development of chronic degenerative diseases and the aging process as well.  The body’s energy is a composite of cellular energy production.  An average body has approximately 7,000 billion cells.  In order for cellular energy to proceed effectively and efficiently, enzymes must be present.  Enzymes are proteins which accelerate the cellular chemical reactions that result in the cellular energy production.  There are hundreds of enzymes.  This enzymatic reaction must have a coenzyme or cofactor to have an effective reaction.  Many coenzymes must have a mineral and/or a vitamin as an essential ingredient.  Magnesium and zinc, for instance, are coenzymes necessary for hundreds of cellular chemical reactions, so….if there is a deficiency of an essential coenzyme mineral it blocks the enzyme needed to insure that the cellular chemical reaction happens and that determines the cellular function, and consequently the health and function of the organ and other systems where the malfunctioning cells are located.

There is yet another way in which minerals affect health.  We have just learned of the essential nature of certain minerals in cellular health and therefore, body health.  Energy production of all kinds depends on this activity.  Toxic minerals can compete for positions with the enzymes.  Toxic metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, uranium and others are particularly adroit at replacing the essential mineral (magnesium, zinc and others) on the cellular receptors.  This toxic mineral (wrong coenzyme/cofactor) prevents the enzyme from being active; therefore, the cell energy and function suffers and the body’s health and function suffer,  disease ensues and symptoms eventually follow and resulting symptoms are the central concern of standard medical treatment.

A chelation therapy program, as one of its modes of action, provides a solution for mineral imbalances, both essential and toxic, increasing the essential minerals and decreasing the toxic minerals and metals.  A chelation therapy program is a common sense comprehensive program that when properly designed and followed can restore health, cellular health resulting in increased energy and bodily health.

Recent Study of Chelation Therapy

A recent study of chelation therapy (just one study among hundreds) highlights the benefits and illustrates the point that physician supervised intravenous chelation therapy is an essential, viable alternative and adjunctive treatment for heart disease and its related problems and symptoms.   
Chelation therapy can be used as a treatment for heart disease, or a preventive measure by lowering heavy metals in the body including ionic calcium, and as a supplemental treatment when surgery or drugs have been or are being utilized.

This retrospective study was of 220 patients from 8 outpatient centers; five from the US and one center each from Denmark, the Netherlands, and Brazil.  The average patient age was 64, 72% were males and 18% were smokers.  The average number of chelation treatments 58. 

In a three-year follow-up period the expected outcomes in patients with coronary heart disease treated only with conventional treatments would be 15 heart attacks and six deaths.  This chelation study showed this group of patients who had undergone chelation therapy programs, as a comparison, to have zero heart attacks and zero deaths, although 4 patients had strokes, they recovered well.  Compared with similar patient populations treated with conventional therapies, patients who also were chelated had a 93.6% lesser need for angioplasty and 62.5% reduced need for CABG.  Of the patients that initiated treatment with symptoms, 68.7% had complete resolution of symptoms. 

You would think a medical treatment with these kinds of results; that has been utilized in clinics across the world for over 45 years, would receive wide acceptance and be available to anyone who would choose the discipline of the standard protocol.  Not the case.  Who would oppose patients using few drugs and doing little surgery?  The field of medicine is many things and one thing it is for sure, is big business.  Like the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry it serves a basic, constant need in life and therefore is a huge industry.  It is a jealous industry putting special interests ahead of patient outcomes and care.  We need more choice to direct our own medical care and we need to take our bodies back.   

We say let the patient, with full knowledge of the real choices in health care, choose their doctors and their own treatments.  

 Contact us for a copy of the study discussed, “Subsequent Cardiac and Stroke Events in Patients with Known Vascular Disease Treated with EDTA Chelation Therapy.”