Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs: To Take or Not To Take — That Is The Question

Generations of Americans have grown up to believe the primary, most scientific method of treatment for an illness or disease is medication or, in more resistant situations, surgery. It is common practice for most people, when a symptom first develops, to attempt to relieve it by taking an over-the-counter medication. If this fails to handle the symptoms a doctor visit with the expectation of a specific medication to handle the symptoms usually follows. The overall viewpoint is "what can I take?" We have had the notion we need to take medication drilled into us for years and years by the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry with doctors being the purveyors or the middlemen between the pharmaceutical industry and the consumer. This has become so commonplace we have lost track of the idea that there might be alternatives to the use of medical drugs and surgical interventions.

Millions of Americans are demonstrating and practicing their freedom of choice in pursuing alternative or complementary medical treatments. Millions are recognizing their right to learn about, to study and to choose alternatives for their medical care. Many alternative medical practices utilize natural substances which stimulate, enhance and generally support the immune system and the body's ability to function normally. These therapeutic modalities and treatments are often substances the body needs everyday and are free of side effects especially if utilized by a healthcare professional who is appropriately trained and has had experience in the use of non-toxic, natural, body friendly treatment protocols. The notion held by some is that nutrients obtained in a natural food store or other stores without a doctor's prescription makes it "unscientific" is as far from the truth as one can get. Nutrients provide the basic building blocks of cellular function and the cell's ability to produce energy and therefore do its job. Since the body you live in is comprised of billions of cells, the health of your cells is important and providing your body with the ingredients it needs to function normally is about as scientific as you can get.

The use of drugs is touted to be scientific medicine in spite of the fact that in 1994 an estimated 2,216,000 Americans had been hospitalized for side effects of drugs prescribed by doctors and declared safe by the FDA according to an article which appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Approximately 106,000 Americans died from these adverse reactions, again by drugs prescribed by doctors for normal indications and declared safe by the FDA. Prescribing drugs resulting in the hospitalization of over 2 million Americans and the death of over 100,000 seems to me to be not only unscientific but immoral. It is particularly onerous to see this abuse of patients by the medical profession continue when there exists an alternative philosophy and viewpoint of medical care available for patient and doctor alike.

There are hundreds of doctors and millions of Americans who choose alternative or complementary therapies because they have observed the obvious, they work. There are many treatment choices that result in a return to health for millions.

Chelation therapy is a shining example of a useful therapy that has been observed by thousands of physicians and patients who have realized its benefit in treating chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease and other vascular disease, diabetes and arthritis. This medical treatment has been in utilized for over fifty years and if it did not work people would not continue to seek it. Chelation therapy has not only stood the test of time but its use is expanding and there are cardiologists who appreciate chelation therapy's potential, who recommend it and some even utilize it in treating patients.

The use of homeopathic treatments and herbal treatments has likewise been around a long time including most of this century. Along with chelation therapy these modalities are body friendly and when properly utilized by an experienced health care professional, have relatively low potential of side effects.

Sauna detoxification utilizing the Hubbard protocol described in Clear Body Clear Mind is extremely effective in removing medical drugs and street drugs and environmental toxins from the body reducing health problems.

If you have second thoughts about taking a prescribed drug to handle a symptom or side effect of some other drug, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and feel your quality of life slipping away, you need to know there is good news. There is almost always an alternative approach, an alternative methodology, or philosophy that you could learn about and benefit from. I personally want to encourage you to pursue expanding your knowledge of these medical choices. You could have a great positive impact on the rest of your life.

Patient Power... will bring change.

Conrad and I just returned from the International College of Integrative Medicine Conference in Washington DC.  Conrad was the program chair and I was an impressed member of the audience.  The speakers were tops, the energy was over the top and one thing impressed me above all else.   Through the presentations the truth of the passion and care for patients of these doctors screamed out at you.  Each presenter, each participant brought home to me how we can change medical care in this society for good, how we could have the treatments we seek.  Talk with your doctors and tell them what you want.
Want real care – full of solutions to your problems?  Want off the prescription pad for good? Talk to your doctors and tell them what you want.  During this conference physician after physician, some with tears in their voice, describe how much their patients meant to them.  It did not matter if they were talking about a case that improved or someone who asked them to look at a treatment they did not know about, or directed them to an important book.  These caring physicians were deeply motivated in a thousand ways by the life and times of their patients.  One special physician fought an expensive battle to make sure a treatment she knew was crucial to patient health survived attack by orthodox medicine.   Even if one more person could be helped it was worth it to her … that one more patient had an incredible story of recovery and she is grateful she fought on and did not give up.

Please realize it is you… you are the change this country needs.  It will be you that brings the kind of care you seek to continue, it will be you that brings down the costs and it will be you that moves the political winds out of the way.  Please have a talk with your doctor.  If you can’t talk to your doctor you need another one, find one.  A good place to start in the ranks of the, the International College of Integrative Medicine.  Read all about this conference on facebook and on the website.

Where Do Toxins Go When They Die?

They don’t, you do.  Most toxins, if they are eliminated from the body, and most are not, find their way into the municipal water treatment plant.  Some metals and pharmaceutical drugs are not able to be removed with normal processes so they may be incinerated and/or they wind up on the family farm in form of sludge.  Plants uptake the toxins while they grow and you eat the crops, or the animals that ate the crops, and there you are again.  Processing toxins.
Your body is able to eliminate some toxins but if you have an impaired liver you will not do a good job of it.  If  you are eating poorly and in a toxic work place you may harbor an overload of toxins your body cannot eliminate;  they will be stored in your fat tissue.  Adipose tissue has a very poor blood supply so the body in its wisdom disposes of toxins by directing their storage in fat tissue.  The storage of toxins in fats includes storage in the myelin sheath surrounding your nerves.  This very well may explain the problems of m.s..  When stored in fat tissue they are relatively out of the way, not circulating the blood stream, until you miss a meal, exercise, or for any reason burn the fat the toxin is stored in.  When that happens the toxin recirculates in the blood stream, causing new problems and is again directed into fat storage by the body’s safety mechanisms.

Best understood when you talk about drugs like LSD.  People may experiment with LSD a few times in college and then leave those days behind.  Ten years later they are jogging down their street after work for exercise and they burn fat tissue for energy that is storing molecules of LSD from ten years ago.  They experience a “flashback”.  This is not a mental phenomenon but rather the physical occurence of the drug being re-released into the blood stream and causing a brand new hallucination.

This recirculation can happen with all toxins stored in adipose tissue.  You can develop symptoms that are only the result of this physical process and see a doctor for a symptom and guess what?!  The doctor gives you another toxin in the form of a prescription and there you go again.  Can you imagine what you might feel like if you start to experience an anesthesia coming out of fat storage?  Think of all the medical drugs, alcohol, street drugs, pain killers, deadening agents, solvents, cleaning fluids, food additives, preservatives, heavy metals like mercury, cadmium in the air we breathe …... it goes on and on.  Think of how those things made you feel, you will feel like that again, same woosyness, same headache, same lack of ambition, same lack of energy.

So it does matter … your diet, your nutrient supplements, your medical habits, your exercise, clean air and water, your view of farm fields… it all matters a great deal.  You are remaining healthy because you pay attention to these things or if not, you are slowly losing your edge against symptoms and problems of aging.  If you are in our area, come to our seminars or visit our center for a tour.  We do not ignore the contaminants that may be making you sick.

Your Health Depends on Answers - Not Prescriptions

What counts now, with the advent of Obamacare in action, is your ability to direct  your own health care with providers you trust.  Doctors have less leeway and must follow protocols  dictated by the big government recipes.  When there is a recommendation that varies from the routine of “this complaint = this drug”, you and your doctor will have to fight for the right to select another route.  Remember, the cheapest way to treat health problems is to prescribe a drug.  It is cheap.
The DSM V for emotional problems is expanded and deserves your attention.  You do not want to talk with doctors about social problems or emotional problems and life situations, do not.  They are the last group to go to for advice, they are trained in physical health.  They have no formal training in nutrition.  If you have a troubled child you need to research the actual results of the care in the hands of psychiatry or family medicine.  The field of psychiatry “treats” kids in trouble and when the treatments result in a crazed act of violence they rush in to “treat” the victims that are left to pick up the pieces.  They create their own patients.  When the violence is not enough in the world around them to generate the income they need, they decide a child whose parents and school have failed at teaching them how to read is a mental patient and needs treatment, a drug.  The fraud in medicine continues.  In the DSM IV code 315.00 Reading Disorder, 315.1 Mathematics Disorder, and, of course, 315.2 Disorder of Written Expression are money makers for family physicians who prescribe psyche drugs and the psyches.  School fails to educate students, parents fail to make sure their kids are succeeding and we have a cash cow for the psyches.

A child who has been unable to read, write and do math at a level expected for their age is now insured of failure because the drugs they take give them side-affects like inability to sleep, bed wetting, stunted growth and heart problems.  These are people whose internal organs and brain are still developing and they should be growing like weeds.  Tell me this is not big business making money off of our misfortune.

If you have few resources, if you are under the influence of the system; realize that free care, handouts, and government programs stifle self-reliance, initiative and worse, you can be made mad for life if you get into the wrong hands.  Happy living only happens when you make a difference somewhere, somehow.  If no one needs your help, if you are not setting and reaching goals the emptiness of government-run health care and other programs does not build self-esteem, it destroys it.

There are many doctors who practice sane medical care and help their patients a great deal.  They wonder why someone has headaches, can’t sleep or has poor digestion or bad circulation.  They do not jump in with the latest drug recommended for that symptom.  They wonder why.  They so searching diagnostics.  If you have migraines why take a pain-killer?  Does the pain-killer handle the reason you have headaches?  It does nothing if the reason is your unbalanced hormones or your lack of magnesium or your subluxation.  See?  You need to wonder why and you need to insist your doctors have discovered the basic problems.  When you handle the cause your symptoms vanish and you have no need for drugs.  There is not one drug your body has a shortage of.   They are all toxic to one degree or another.

Coleen Maulfair