Health Care Reform Needs to Fail

We have health savings accounts combined with high deductible insurance policies we could make available to many more citizens at far less expense than the current ideas.  People need to spend health care dollars on doctors and treatments THEY choose.  There is no need to mandate mental health care or force young people with the threat of jail and fines to buy something they do not want.  Respecting people to direct their own choices in health care seems to be in alignment with America’s constitution and heritage.  In the current system doctors are helping people without being fairly reimbursed and they still help.  They are not paid for some of the care they give.  If you put patients and doctors back in control of their lives and allow people to find and buy insurance from any company they want you would see prices fall and people healthier.  It is demoralizing for patients and doctors and other health care providers to have to spend time and money meeting the mandates of government and insurance companies.  The insurance companies that would prevail would be companies doctors and patients liked. 
The threats in the coming legislation weighs so heavy on hearts of most Americans.  If you are a small business, like most doctors offices, it is a double whammy.  Socialism is never going to be less expensive than a free market.  Just think of one of the new initiatives in the health care bill in the field of psychiatry.  The poor psyches, people do not readily seek their care in large enough numbers so they have to have the government mandate  people see them and use their programs.  It has to be ordered!!  So they are now going to screen newly pregnant women and small children for mental health problems.  Their treatments are mind altering drugs and this will result in many more hapless people convinced that they are better off drugged.  

A good way to fight back is to find out how to stay healthy and avoid having to use the medical system run by the government.  Did you know that hospitals have adopted some of these rationing techniques ahead of the passage of the legislation?  You do not want to be elderly AND ill.  Staying fit and healthy is the answer.  People who feel good have the energy to be involved in their community and can help less able people and most importantly they can be politically active enough to protect privacy and freedom.