Harmful medical legislation

Your Health Depends on Answers - Not Prescriptions

What counts now, with the advent of Obamacare in action, is your ability to direct  your own health care with providers you trust.  Doctors have less leeway and must follow protocols  dictated by the big government recipes.  When there is a recommendation that varies from the routine of “this complaint = this drug”, you and your doctor will have to fight for the right to select another route.  Remember, the cheapest way to treat health problems is to prescribe a drug.  It is cheap.
The DSM V for emotional problems is expanded and deserves your attention.  You do not want to talk with doctors about social problems or emotional problems and life situations, do not.  They are the last group to go to for advice, they are trained in physical health.  They have no formal training in nutrition.  If you have a troubled child you need to research the actual results of the care in the hands of psychiatry or family medicine.  The field of psychiatry “treats” kids in trouble and when the treatments result in a crazed act of violence they rush in to “treat” the victims that are left to pick up the pieces.  They create their own patients.  When the violence is not enough in the world around them to generate the income they need, they decide a child whose parents and school have failed at teaching them how to read is a mental patient and needs treatment, a drug.  The fraud in medicine continues.  In the DSM IV code 315.00 Reading Disorder, 315.1 Mathematics Disorder, and, of course, 315.2 Disorder of Written Expression are money makers for family physicians who prescribe psyche drugs and the psyches.  School fails to educate students, parents fail to make sure their kids are succeeding and we have a cash cow for the psyches.

A child who has been unable to read, write and do math at a level expected for their age is now insured of failure because the drugs they take give them side-affects like inability to sleep, bed wetting, stunted growth and heart problems.  These are people whose internal organs and brain are still developing and they should be growing like weeds.  Tell me this is not big business making money off of our misfortune.

If you have few resources, if you are under the influence of the system; realize that free care, handouts, and government programs stifle self-reliance, initiative and worse, you can be made mad for life if you get into the wrong hands.  Happy living only happens when you make a difference somewhere, somehow.  If no one needs your help, if you are not setting and reaching goals the emptiness of government-run health care and other programs does not build self-esteem, it destroys it.

There are many doctors who practice sane medical care and help their patients a great deal.  They wonder why someone has headaches, can’t sleep or has poor digestion or bad circulation.  They do not jump in with the latest drug recommended for that symptom.  They wonder why.  They so searching diagnostics.  If you have migraines why take a pain-killer?  Does the pain-killer handle the reason you have headaches?  It does nothing if the reason is your unbalanced hormones or your lack of magnesium or your subluxation.  See?  You need to wonder why and you need to insist your doctors have discovered the basic problems.  When you handle the cause your symptoms vanish and you have no need for drugs.  There is not one drug your body has a shortage of.   They are all toxic to one degree or another.

Coleen Maulfair




Scientific Basis of Chelation Therapy, Intravenous Style !!

One of our chelation patients wrote us:  “In 2001 I had a catheter test at Reading Hospital and was found to have 3 blocked arteries: one 50%,  one 70%, and one 80% blocked.  In 2012 this test was repeated and all my arteries were found to be clear – NO BLOCKAGES.  I have been doing chelation therapy for the past several years, and it appears to have been very successful.  Thank  you Dr. Maulfair!! “   This could be anyone’s result with a program which includes nutrients, dietary recommendations, exercise, periodic intravenous chelation treatments and a good doctor on your side.
Heart disease does not have to be a death sentence or a prescription for invasive surgeries and procedures.  Dr. Maulfair combines the best of both worlds in health care;  he has and does recommend invasive procedures when they are indicated but as  you might imagine that is not very often if you know how to treat chronic diseases for the long haul.  He understands the inflammatory process that underlies heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, PVD and other problems of aging.

This result does not happen with oral chelation therapy – taking the active “amino acid” by mouth.  It does not happen in the hospital with surgery and drug therapy.  Here are the facts that make chelation a winner in the treatment of all things aging and circulatory.  Did you know your heart grows arteries on its own to bypass a blockage?  Medical term is collateral circulation; you will find this term on a report of a catherization but the importance is not discussed with the patient.  Did you know heavy metal toxicity is often found to be the cause of high blood pressure, heart and circulatory problems.  Write to us if you have a cardiologist  who tests for metal toxicity.  Have you decided medicine is foremost a huge business interest?  You will not easily find positive chelation information as it is suppressed actively by ordinary medical system.  Patients of ours have been told by doctors associated with the Reading hospital that if they continue to see Dr. Maulfair they will not be welcome and will be dropped by their cardiologist and other doctors.  Is this compassionate health care provided in your best interest?  In an other area of medicine parents have told us that if they do not vaccinate their children the pediatrician will not continue to see their child.

The arm twisting of the American public needs to stop.  I know… not likely but I am finally fed up and will not be quiet.  I am a Mom and aunt and grandmother and a wife.  I have relationships with people I love and whose health I want to protect;  I am totally and completely fed up by what I hear and see around me.

I am happy for our patients, they have Dr. Maulfair.  Good.  But what about the rest of the world that is so perfectly misled.  What about the people who like to be misled because they want to be part of the group.  Thank  God there those amongst us, like my husband, who do what is right and not what is only popular!!  The scientific basis for intravenous chelation therapy needs no more further study but it will get it and that is fine.  For decades there are people who have benefitted and now is the time to tell your friends and family while we are still free to pursue such a treatment modality.  We have a few months of freedom left in this country, perhaps it is a limited number of months, so be healthy – do whatever you can to become better because it is the only way to defeat  becoming a slave to a medical system gone wild.  Even those connected with “wholistic” or “alternative medicine” have robbed us by claiming oral chelation pills get the results intravenous chelation therapy has proven to provide.  It is the money.  When money is your highest principal you lose your way to the truth no matter what field you examine.

I, for one, am tired of the lies.


Increasing Costs in Health Care...Heads up!

We are passing along a bit of information to help illustrate the problems we face now and in the future as a society dealing with health concerns of any kind.  Dr. Maulfair has been helping people who come to him with many effective medical modalities seldom resorting to pharmaceutical drugs.  Easy to do, he concentrates on health and keeping people healthy or restoring their health when they are suffering from chronic health conditions.  His practice involves many effective, simple treatments and one product he likes to use for people with skin problems related to an underlying bodywide candida problem is a cream.  Patients cost has been $60.  This cream has been available for years and is very effective.
We are now, suddenly, unable to offer it unless at great expense to our patients.  One supplier’s price is over $400 and the other, cheaper, wholesale is $149.  So what do you think?  Do you see the connection to the rising costs of health care devices and treatments ahead of the Obama care mandates?  We do.  The companies must do pricing to try to recover some of the anticipated taxes for devices and medical treatments ahead of the implementation soon to come.

We need your comments… we welcome them.

A Number of Messes Caused by Health Care Policy

First of all you may not know the full extent of care available from the different medical specialities.  Common treatment and diagnostic options are forwarded in strong marketing campaigns by giant medical/pharmaceutical  business interests and those become the most utilized by patients and supported by insurance companies.  You know those options well.
What may be a confusion for you is the growing, changing paradigm of complementary, alternative, wholistic, holistic, anti-aging, natural, functional medicine!  My point. This exciting and fruitful side of medical care has been unsuccessful in naming itself clearly to identify a parting of the ways with conventional common medical care, while remaining “medical” in nature.   There are many self care treatment modalities that are very effective but there are also licensed physicians ready to help you when self care is not quite enough.  People who are responsible for their life style and health may find that they need something more than self care at times and some think there is no avenue for non-pharmaceutical treatment within the community of medical centers and licensed physicians.  But…there is.

In company with Dr. Maulfair there are hundreds of doctors across this great country, probably within a few hours drive of  most locations, who are dedicated to finding the real causes of their patients ills, who choose searching diagnostic tools that look at the function of the body and whose treatment modalities turn away from medical drugs towards the building blocks of real health.  Did you know that if you had muscle aches and pains or high blood pressure you could benefit from a series of intravenous treatments of magnesium?  Did you know that the same treatment can relieve the problems of depression for some?  Were you aware you could request bio-identical hormones to make those years of passage full and free from sleep disturbances and tiredness as well as benefit your heart and circulatory system?

Our nation has recently consolidated physicians practicing medicine into hospital consortiums and with those connections the private, independent physician is harder to find.  This is a planned attack on the freedom of physicians and yours.  With hospitals as the umbrella of all these docs, you do not have to write hundreds of letters to each doc when you want to regulate something within the health care system, you write one letter to the hospital and control hundreds through the hospital policy.  There are protocols approved by the government that physicians must follow when presented with specific symptoms with a list of pharmaceutical drugs to recommend so physicians are losing the decision making battle.  They are pressured to conform more than ever.

No independent physician has an objection to emergency medical care or surgeries and medication when it is called for but those treatment modalities have a very poor track record in helping people with the problems of aging and chronic health problems.  No one disagrees with the use of pharmeceuticals when they are needed but ignoring other options, that do not harm the body but support the immune system and health, is dangerous.

Exert your freedom and speak up, talk to your physician and to your politicians.  We should demand health care and not disease care.  Let’s prevent a few things ourselves but when faced with a persistent problem see someone licensed or not for a gentler answer.  Join us in demanding control of your choices over your own body and your health.