Heart Disease

Prescription Drugs: To Take or Not To Take — That Is The Question

Generations of Americans have grown up to believe the primary, most scientific method of treatment for an illness or disease is medication or, in more resistant situations, surgery. It is common practice for most people, when a symptom first develops, to attempt to relieve it by taking an over-the-counter medication. If this fails to handle the symptoms a doctor visit with the expectation of a specific medication to handle the symptoms usually follows. The overall viewpoint is "what can I take?" We have had the notion we need to take medication drilled into us for years and years by the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry with doctors being the purveyors or the middlemen between the pharmaceutical industry and the consumer. This has become so commonplace we have lost track of the idea that there might be alternatives to the use of medical drugs and surgical interventions.

Millions of Americans are demonstrating and practicing their freedom of choice in pursuing alternative or complementary medical treatments. Millions are recognizing their right to learn about, to study and to choose alternatives for their medical care. Many alternative medical practices utilize natural substances which stimulate, enhance and generally support the immune system and the body's ability to function normally. These therapeutic modalities and treatments are often substances the body needs everyday and are free of side effects especially if utilized by a healthcare professional who is appropriately trained and has had experience in the use of non-toxic, natural, body friendly treatment protocols. The notion held by some is that nutrients obtained in a natural food store or other stores without a doctor's prescription makes it "unscientific" is as far from the truth as one can get. Nutrients provide the basic building blocks of cellular function and the cell's ability to produce energy and therefore do its job. Since the body you live in is comprised of billions of cells, the health of your cells is important and providing your body with the ingredients it needs to function normally is about as scientific as you can get.

The use of drugs is touted to be scientific medicine in spite of the fact that in 1994 an estimated 2,216,000 Americans had been hospitalized for side effects of drugs prescribed by doctors and declared safe by the FDA according to an article which appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Approximately 106,000 Americans died from these adverse reactions, again by drugs prescribed by doctors for normal indications and declared safe by the FDA. Prescribing drugs resulting in the hospitalization of over 2 million Americans and the death of over 100,000 seems to me to be not only unscientific but immoral. It is particularly onerous to see this abuse of patients by the medical profession continue when there exists an alternative philosophy and viewpoint of medical care available for patient and doctor alike.

There are hundreds of doctors and millions of Americans who choose alternative or complementary therapies because they have observed the obvious, they work. There are many treatment choices that result in a return to health for millions.

Chelation therapy is a shining example of a useful therapy that has been observed by thousands of physicians and patients who have realized its benefit in treating chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease and other vascular disease, diabetes and arthritis. This medical treatment has been in utilized for over fifty years and if it did not work people would not continue to seek it. Chelation therapy has not only stood the test of time but its use is expanding and there are cardiologists who appreciate chelation therapy's potential, who recommend it and some even utilize it in treating patients.

The use of homeopathic treatments and herbal treatments has likewise been around a long time including most of this century. Along with chelation therapy these modalities are body friendly and when properly utilized by an experienced health care professional, have relatively low potential of side effects.

Sauna detoxification utilizing the Hubbard protocol described in Clear Body Clear Mind is extremely effective in removing medical drugs and street drugs and environmental toxins from the body reducing health problems.

If you have second thoughts about taking a prescribed drug to handle a symptom or side effect of some other drug, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and feel your quality of life slipping away, you need to know there is good news. There is almost always an alternative approach, an alternative methodology, or philosophy that you could learn about and benefit from. I personally want to encourage you to pursue expanding your knowledge of these medical choices. You could have a great positive impact on the rest of your life.

Women: Don't Just Think Pink, Think Red

The public in general and women in particular associate the color pink with breast cancer and breast cancer awareness. The color red refers to cardiovascular disease. Increasing awareness of a health problem that can be lethal is obviously important. The more correct information you have about health the greater your potential to prevent bad outcomes or select treatment if needed. I offer the following correct and accurate data.

Cardiovascular disease (primarily heart attack and stroke) kill about twice as many American women as all cancers combined. Close to 50% of women will develop it during their lifetime and 1 out of 3 will die from it. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in 2010 reported that 60% of hospitalizations were women, cardiovascular disease in women accounted for 2 million hospitalizations and is the number one cause of death in women. In the February 2005 issue of the medical journal "The Female Patient" we find reference to a study that showed "More than two-thirds of women who had sudden cardiac death had not previously been diagnosed with heart disease". Further "Deaths from sudden cardiac events increased by more than 20% in women 35-44 years of age, even as these events fell by more than 8% in the general population". Also "Women who have heart attacks are more likely to die, have another heart attack or be disabled by heart failure than men". From the August 8, 2001 issue of "Women's Health and Primary Care", "The 1-year myocardial infarction mortality rate in women was 44% compared to 27% in men, the 30-day myocardial infarction mortality rate in women was double that of men". From that same issue of "Women's Health", "More than one-third of women who had a myocardial infarction died within one year compared with only one-quarter of the men so affected."

Do I have your attention? Now the good news. The problem can be addressed and something can be done about it.

Contrary to popular opinion, having your cholesterol checked and taking a drug to lower it because high cholesterol causes heart attacks and strokes, is not founded in science. According to a study done at UCLA, the majority of people who have heart attacks have cholesterol levels considered to be within normal range. Finding real causes and correcting what is found has been clinically proven to be the road out; let us take a moment to briefly review the disease process of atherosclerosis and what can be done about it.

There was a study called the Rancho Bernardo study that "did not show a relationship between total cholesterol levels and fatal coronary heart disease in 983 older women during a three-year followup". It is true that plaque which blocks an artery is composed of, among other things, cholesterol. It is a particular kind of cholesterol, however, and not the kind that is evaluated in standard blood tests. It is a type of cholesterol that at one time in its life was normal (after all, our liver makes it because it is essential to health) but it became altered and as a result of that alteration, got stuck within the wall of the artery. Unaltered cholesterol (LDL cholesterol, the so-called bad one) will not stick in an artery wall irregardless of the amount in your blood or the amount that you eat, or the amount that you were born with. The major culprit in altering the cholesterol is free radical damage. Free radicals are reactive molecular substances which damage normal tissue and are the major factor in creation of all chronic degenerative diseases including the aging process. They cause generalized inflammation.

Where do these free radicals come from? We are exposed to thousands and thousands of free radical generating substances, including insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, artificial food coloring, artificial food flavoring, food enhancers, flame retardants, industrial chemicals, and medical drugs. The list is extensive. Let us look at some specifics. We are exposed to toxic metals during our everyday living--lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, uranium, and others we find when properly tested in our patients of all ages, children to adults. Toxic metals can replace essential minerals in our cells; minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium and others which are essential for normal cellular function. When an essential mineral is replaced with a toxic metal, cellular function is reduced in its ability to create energy needed to protect itself and eventually chronic degenerative disease develops; after many years symptoms occur at which point people seek a diagnosis from a physician.

There are several minerals that I want to address particularly because in addition to being potentially toxic, they are also essential for life. Iron, for instance, is essential in hemoglobin which carries oxygen around through the blood to every cell in the body, which is necessary for cellular metabolism or energy production. Iron, however, can also accelerate free radical damage if it is in the vicinity where the free radical damage is occurring. Women statistically have a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease compared to men until they reach menopause and then it increases. When menopause occurs, menses stop and iron begins to get stored in the body and increased free radical damage can result because iron accelerates damage.

Calcium is essential for healthy bones, healthy teeth and muscle contraction, but when calcium suffers free radical damage it can be deposited in arteries causing heart disease and/or around tendons and ligaments contributing to arthritis, which are an unwanted effects.

The two conditions, breast cancer (or cancer in general) and cardiovascular disease have two things in common, the cause of their occurrence in the first place is free radical damage and the resultant inflammation, but there is a second. Radiation therapy is frequently recommended as part of the treatment protocol for breast cancer. Unappreciated is the potential for cardiovascular side effects due to radiation therapy. Irradiation can damage the heart arteries and even some heart cells contributing to the occurrence of heart disease. The main artery in the heart for most people, the left anterior descending coronary artery, lies on the surface of the heart close to the chest wall where it is particularly vulnerable to radiation damage.

It is common for the body when it cannot remove toxic metals it has ingested to deposit them in bone. Bone is relatively inactive metabolically until we age and our bone density decreases. When this occurs, the stored toxic metals can be released and deposited elsewhere; for instance, the arterial system contributing to atherosclerosis, aging and chronic degenerative diseases in general. The released calcium may also end up being deposited in places where it is not supposed to be, i.e., soft tissues such as tendons, ligaments and arteries.

An article in the "New England Journal of Medicine", February 1, 2007, speaks of exposures to air pollution and incidence of cardiovascular events in women. The conclusion of the study was that "long term exposure to fine particulate air pollution is associated with the incidence of cardiovascular disease and death among postmenopausal women". How does that work? The heavy metals and other things in air pollution are another source of free radicals. So, we have talked so far about the thousands of chemicals that we are exposed to, we have talked about the toxic metal exposure, we have exposure to fine particulate matter in the air and another study has shown evidence of increased vascular diseases, including heart attacks and strokes, in people who live in 28 cities over which the air was polluted with cadmium, another toxic metal.

So how can you tell if you have a problem?    There are two very informative studies. One evaluates the carotid arteries in your neck as a window into the vascular system to identify the first measurable evidence of vascular disease which precedes plaque build-up by decades. They also identify, if there is plaque found, what kind of the three potential kinds of plaque it is. With all of that data then, they can identify your arterial age as compared to your chronological age. This is not the common ultra-sound used by clinics but a patented, FDA approved study, that identifies very early changes in your arteries. The second study concerns toxic metal status. It has to be done properly. A standard blood test will not identify anything but an acute, in other words an immediate, exposure to toxic metals. Chronic exposures over time will not be reflected in the blood because the body recognizes metals as toxins and removes them from the blood to be deposited in body tissue. An appropriately done red blood cell and hair tissue evaluation is essential. There are a few other methods for evaluating toxic metal status. In other words, causes can be found out and treated.

One of the standard treatments for coronary artery disease is angioplasty in which a balloon attached to a catheter is inflated in an artery pressing the plaque into the wall of the artery. There are complications to this procedure, including the need for emergency coronary bypass surgery, the need for renal dialysis, stroke and death. The potential of these complications was 5.7% in men and 10% in women. Women also statistically have twice the risk of death after bypass surgery than men. You need to know the symptoms of coronary artery disease occur about 10-15 years later in women than in men. The symptoms of coronary artery disease in women can be different than in men and include excessive sweating, extreme fatigue, nausea, jaw pain, abdominal pain, headache, shortness of breath.

Antihypertensive or high blood pressure medication is a common treatment for vascular disease with associated high blood pressure. Enlargement of the heart is a common result of long-term high blood pressure. An article in the "Medical Journal of Hypertension" in 2008 reported a study showing women's benefit from high blood pressure medications was less than the benefit in men when it came to decreasing the potential of enlargement of the heart.

A February 2000 article in "Women's Health and Primary Care" referred to a statistic showing that the use of complementary and alternative medicine was rising dramatically; 58% of the demand for this medical philosophy comes from women. After all of that, how would you like some good news?

As I said earlier, something can be done about it and the earlier you address these problems the more effective any therapeutic approach will be. Learning about the presence of cardiovascular disease well before symptoms occur with a study like the CardiaRisk Scan that I spoke about earlier is an important diagnostic procedure. One of the things that they evaluate is the innermost lining of the artery thickening. It is called intima-media thickening, and it is a manifestation of inflammation in the arterial system. Inflammation in the body in other areas can contribute to that, including the intestinal tract, so evaluating the intestinal tract comprehensively is typically part of a diagnostic program utilized at the Maulfair Medical Center. While we are on the subject of inflammation, arthritis of course is a manifestation of inflammation in the joints and inflammation, wherever it occurs, has common denominators so that a lot of systems can improve when you address basic causes. Inflammation is also a manifestation of free radical damage. Identifying one's status as far as toxic metals is concerned will also be an important factor in not just vascular disease but chronic degenerative diseases in general and again menopause can enhance free radical damage potential as iron stores build up and with bone loss release of toxic metals building up as well. Hormone status can also be an important factor in chronic degenerative diseases, including the thyroid and the sex hormones. Comprehensive evaluation of those hormones is important but include evaluations beyond the standard blood tests.

A properly prescribed and monitored comprehensive chelation therapy program is a most effective way to treat vascular disease. That program individualized for each person has the potential of slowing down the disease process and even reversing it to varying degrees depending upon the degree of disease present at start of program, the patient's compliance with their part of the program. The earlier the program is started, the more effective it will be. The National Institutes of Health spent 30 million dollars in close to nine years studying the safety and efficacy of chelation therapy and the study was positive on both counts. This was especially true in patients who had vascular disease, more specifically coronary artery disease, and diabetes. The safety of chelation therapy was not even in question. The bottom line is something can be done about it. You just need to determine what it is first.

Diagnostic Tools for Clinical Practice Lead to Real Results in Effective Treatments.

Dr. Conrad G. Maulfair, Osteopathic Physician

Effective medical care includes looking for and finding the causes of someone’s symptoms. If a physician only offers to medicate symptoms you never find the causes of health problems and the real problems continue as the need for additional medication increases. An example, you have probably noticed, is people on blood pressure medications need more medication over time as the pressure marches upward because the underlying cause has not been addressed. When the cause of chronic problems is not addressed you seldom find a lasting improvement in health.

The heavy metal lead is associated with increase in blood pressure, to continue with this example, if you have high blood pressure you should have your lead levels in hair and red blood cells tested. Contact our office for a copy of a study synopsis from the Journal of the American Medical Association entitled “Blood Lead, Blood Pressure, and Hypertension in Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Women.” Conclusions include blood lead levels positively associated with both systolic and diastolic blood pressure and risks of both systolic and diastolic hypertension among women aged 40-59 years. There is much more in this article so call us for the complete report.

Simple diagnostic procedures can demonstrate toxins such as pesticides reside in human fat tissue. The presence of fat stored toxins rob a person’s vitality and can seriously interfere with healthy aging. As an example, pesticides are directly correlated with the development of breast cancer. The EPA has long studied the prevalence of xenobiotics in the bodies of American public: they found residues of tens of toxins in all tissue samples taken across the country. Pharmaceutical drugs, street drugs and radiation are also stored in the body; in the case of drugs this is the reason past drug users still crave drugs and sometimes return to drug use.

Health conscious people recognize the interference and interruption of normal function fat stored toxins create. These toxins accelerate the aging process with all the pitfalls of developing chronic health problems.
In the case of heavy metal toxicity chelation therapy could be utilized to lower the levels of these toxins in your body. When they are removed the reasons for health problems diminish and you are healthier, hundreds of our patients have experienced the benefits of increased energy and less heart disease, lower blood pressure and improved arthritis. Diabetics often lower the levels of insulin they use, some can eliminate it,

Patients in our practice have an opportunity to address these problems with our rejuvenation programs which detoxify the body. The most effective program to eliminate fat stored toxins, such as pharmaceutical drugs, street drugs, pesticides, herbicides and environmental toxins is the sauna detoxification program described in a popular text on the subject titled “Clear Body Clear Mind”, by L. Ron Hubbard. We have this text for sale in our office or you can order it by going to our website links for clearbodyclearmind.org or purchase it through any bookstore.

This program is the program you may have heard is responsible for restoring the health of the rescue workers of 9-11. These contemporary heroes suffered much in the months following their service at Ground Zero. So toxic they couldn’t work and having to retire at young ages these men and women have been regaining their health through Mr. Hubbard’s program. We offer this identical program in our medical center in Orefield. Tours and informational consultations can be arranged by calling 610-682-2104. We also give ongoing health education seminars, call to reserve your seat.

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Heart Disease? Diabetes? The Broad Benefits of Chelation Therapy

One of our patients reported these findings:
In 2001 I had a catheter test at Reading Hospital and was found to have 3 blocked arteries. One 50%, one 70%, and one 80% blocked.

In 2012 this test was repeated and all my arteries were found to be clear-NO BLOCKAGES! I have been doing chelation therapy for the past several years and it appears to have been very successful. Thanks you Dr. Maulfair!! J.G.

(J.G. has been doing chelation since 2006 at the rate of one treatment per month for 70 treatments TO ACHIEVE THAT RESULT… IT IS WORTH IT.)

Intravenous Chelation Therapy is a wonderfully effective, safe, comprehensive program that can benefit people with chronic degenerative diseases. People with conditions like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, unhealing wounds, lack of energy and problems of aging can experience a resurgence of energy and life quality. This program is not new. It has been studied and offered to patients by many progressive physicians to hundreds of thousands of thankful people world wide for over 60 years. Patients who receive chelation therapy experience their quality of life improve first hand. Our patients report being able to walk without the use of their past aids, improved sleep, increased energy, improved sense of well being and many people return to work and previous sports as their illness abates. Their cardiologists notice the improvements.

Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy Recently Completed by the NIH.

It makes our day that we are no longer alone in these observations; the United States government via the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded a study on chelation therapy. The study called TACT, Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy, started in 2003. The results were just announced at the American Heart Association’s meeting November 4, 2012. The results were positive.

People in this trial who received Chelation Therapy had decreased hospitalizations for angina, compared to the control group. There were fewer deaths from heart attacks and strokes for the patients receiving chelation therapy. The chelation patients also needed less bypass surgeries and angioplasties; the findings were especially positive for patients who also suffered from diabetes. Chelation Therapy reduced cardiac events by 18% and by 39% for diabetic patients. The total reduction in cardiac events was statistically significant. Physicians conducting the study included university cardiologists and experienced chelation physicians.
Keep in mind all study participants had a previous heart attack before beginning the trial, 83% had either bypass surgeries, angioplasty with or without stents. The majority of participants had high blood pressure and 73% had been prescribed cholesterol lowering statin drugs. One thousand seven hundred people participated in the study. An additional finding was the unquestionable safety of Chelation Therapy.

If this therapy is so effective in reversing the disease process can you imagine how helpful it might be to utilize it as a preventive before you have serious symptoms? We keep people healthy with this therapy.

For more information and background on the development of chelation therapy please check out Dr. Maulfair’s articles on our website .  Check out this article on newsmax maxlife