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Where Do Toxins Go When They Die?

They don’t, you do.  Most toxins, if they are eliminated from the body, and most are not, find their way into the municipal water treatment plant.  Some metals and pharmaceutical drugs are not able to be removed with normal processes so they may be incinerated and/or they wind up on the family farm in form of sludge.  Plants uptake the toxins while they grow and you eat the crops, or the animals that ate the crops, and there you are again.  Processing toxins.
Your body is able to eliminate some toxins but if you have an impaired liver you will not do a good job of it.  If  you are eating poorly and in a toxic work place you may harbor an overload of toxins your body cannot eliminate;  they will be stored in your fat tissue.  Adipose tissue has a very poor blood supply so the body in its wisdom disposes of toxins by directing their storage in fat tissue.  The storage of toxins in fats includes storage in the myelin sheath surrounding your nerves.  This very well may explain the problems of m.s..  When stored in fat tissue they are relatively out of the way, not circulating the blood stream, until you miss a meal, exercise, or for any reason burn the fat the toxin is stored in.  When that happens the toxin recirculates in the blood stream, causing new problems and is again directed into fat storage by the body’s safety mechanisms.

Best understood when you talk about drugs like LSD.  People may experiment with LSD a few times in college and then leave those days behind.  Ten years later they are jogging down their street after work for exercise and they burn fat tissue for energy that is storing molecules of LSD from ten years ago.  They experience a “flashback”.  This is not a mental phenomenon but rather the physical occurence of the drug being re-released into the blood stream and causing a brand new hallucination.

This recirculation can happen with all toxins stored in adipose tissue.  You can develop symptoms that are only the result of this physical process and see a doctor for a symptom and guess what?!  The doctor gives you another toxin in the form of a prescription and there you go again.  Can you imagine what you might feel like if you start to experience an anesthesia coming out of fat storage?  Think of all the medical drugs, alcohol, street drugs, pain killers, deadening agents, solvents, cleaning fluids, food additives, preservatives, heavy metals like mercury, cadmium in the air we breathe …... it goes on and on.  Think of how those things made you feel, you will feel like that again, same woosyness, same headache, same lack of ambition, same lack of energy.

So it does matter … your diet, your nutrient supplements, your medical habits, your exercise, clean air and water, your view of farm fields… it all matters a great deal.  You are remaining healthy because you pay attention to these things or if not, you are slowly losing your edge against symptoms and problems of aging.  If you are in our area, come to our seminars or visit our center for a tour.  We do not ignore the contaminants that may be making you sick.

Heart Disease - Recent Study Says It's Not Cholesterol - Could Be Lazy Medical Care

A recent study conducted by the UCLA School of Medicine found 75% of patients hospitalized for a heart attack had LDL cholesterol within the so called safe range- below 130mg/dl.  (21% of the patients were taking a statin cholesterol-lowering drug.)  The study also found that 50 percent of the patients had LDL less than 100mg/dL, considered to be optimum levels.  The data base used records from 541 hospitals across the country and the American Heart Journal published the study in 2009.
What is the take away here?  There is the obvious take away but then there is the “how do we use this to sell more drugs?” take away.  If you are a pharmaceutical company selling cholesterol lowering drugs you are thinking one way and if you are honest and a doctor or patient you should take another view.  It is a serious threat to your health because the die-hards businessmen and drug companies think we are not lowering cholesterol enough!!  That is completely lame.  Drug companies and insurance companies want the cheapest way to treat you!  But are years and years of taking drugs that cost a great deal over time coupled with the prospect of a hospitalization due to heart problems really the least expensive? 

This study is important in its implications for the individual patient.  The other important data to keep in mind is the steep rise in elderly people (and the not so elderly) who have developed Alzheimer’s disease.  Have they taken cholesterol lowering drugs?   Couple these data together and you have some answers as to what might be happening with our health profiles in this country.

In clinical practice the doctors, in a rush to see as many people as possible, take the easy way out.  The guidelines and “standards of care” determine the prescription of a cholesterol lowering drug in the case of someone with “high” cholesterol or heart disease.   You do not have to have much face time when you do a blood test for cholesterol and prescribe a drug and send the person on his way with advice to stop eating foods that drive cholesterol up.  It is fast, cheap and easy. 

Here is what should be happening; a physician with a thorough education knows the liver produces cholesterol and the body needs it for health.  He knows that cholesterol is a major constituent of every cell membrane in the entire body.  He knows cholesterol is protective of the nervous system and the basic building block of hormones and vitamin D.  A very important substance for health!  He also knows the likely causes of heart problems and looks for them.  He knows heavy metals are implicated in the development of high blood pressure and found in the muscle wall of the heart at autopsy in people with some forms of heart disease.  He will offer diagnostic tests that look at toxic metals and mineral nutrient status of his patients.   He knows ionic calcium (not the kind in bones) gets stuck in the muscle wall of the artery and in plaque causing “hardening of the arteries”. If he is really good he will recommend or provide IV chelation therapy to lower the levels of lead, ionic calcium, antimony, cadmium and other metals throughout the vascular system improving over all circulation.  One other benefit for the doctor is the happiness of people who feel great and are active and healthy.  Be a hero, do what is right with the scientific evidence provided by this study.  


Recent Study of Chelation Therapy

A recent study of chelation therapy (just one study among hundreds) highlights the benefits and illustrates the point that physician supervised intravenous chelation therapy is an essential, viable alternative and adjunctive treatment for heart disease and its related problems and symptoms.   
Chelation therapy can be used as a treatment for heart disease, or a preventive measure by lowering heavy metals in the body including ionic calcium, and as a supplemental treatment when surgery or drugs have been or are being utilized.

This retrospective study was of 220 patients from 8 outpatient centers; five from the US and one center each from Denmark, the Netherlands, and Brazil.  The average patient age was 64, 72% were males and 18% were smokers.  The average number of chelation treatments 58. 

In a three-year follow-up period the expected outcomes in patients with coronary heart disease treated only with conventional treatments would be 15 heart attacks and six deaths.  This chelation study showed this group of patients who had undergone chelation therapy programs, as a comparison, to have zero heart attacks and zero deaths, although 4 patients had strokes, they recovered well.  Compared with similar patient populations treated with conventional therapies, patients who also were chelated had a 93.6% lesser need for angioplasty and 62.5% reduced need for CABG.  Of the patients that initiated treatment with symptoms, 68.7% had complete resolution of symptoms. 

You would think a medical treatment with these kinds of results; that has been utilized in clinics across the world for over 45 years, would receive wide acceptance and be available to anyone who would choose the discipline of the standard protocol.  Not the case.  Who would oppose patients using few drugs and doing little surgery?  The field of medicine is many things and one thing it is for sure, is big business.  Like the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry it serves a basic, constant need in life and therefore is a huge industry.  It is a jealous industry putting special interests ahead of patient outcomes and care.  We need more choice to direct our own medical care and we need to take our bodies back.   

We say let the patient, with full knowledge of the real choices in health care, choose their doctors and their own treatments.  

 Contact us for a copy of the study discussed, “Subsequent Cardiac and Stroke Events in Patients with Known Vascular Disease Treated with EDTA Chelation Therapy.”  info@drmaulfair.com

Alzheimer's - What Can Be Done?

A visit to my childhood home in Minnesota to see my Mom and Dad recently brings the problems of aging a special emphasis in my life.  The photos and memories of family, our big extended family, are so dear for me.   I spent these days helping my Mom and Dad and reflecting on this generation that is fading and leaving us so fast.  My Mom has had Alzheimer’s for a number of years and my Dad has taken care of her at home until recently.  Their brothers and sisters, my aunts and uncles, have, in the main, died and these two dears ones are the last standing, or sitting in the case of my Mom. 
 They gave us the best of childhoods, protected from problems and left to run barefoot collecting toads and frogs, creating the surefoot club, and watching Disney and Lassie together on Sunday evenings was life for us, the boomers.   Most of us had Moms at home, family dinners and numerous neighborhood friends growing up in the suburbs running wild and free with dinner at home every evening.  We celebrated every holiday and birthday with our extended family, my Mom’s sisters and brothers who lived close by.  That was 24-25 people for dinner with linens and china around the big tables and of course – at the kids’ table- red jello with bananas and fresh whipped cream. Yikes!

I am so thankful for this now and love the photos and linens and the Swedish Coffee pot Mom always used for those family dinners, but it was not always so.  As a young woman I could not wait to leave and experience life apart from the protection of this life, I yearned for other cultures and for other places, bored with the security and sameness.  The university and travel were a very bid deal to me.  So here we are, finding ways to help these leaders who gave us so much and who are not doing so well these days and confronting the fact that our society has somehow misplaced these wonderful days,  no longer offering our children carefree childhoods.

The one thing we could do for ourselves is prevent the horrible outcomes memory problems, Alzheimer’s, cause.  People afflicted are very hard to care for and this is a problem many more families are facing as the disease is prevalent.  Professionals working in the field do not have the answers as to why this disease develops; and of course drugs used to “treat” the problems are not effective.  Seems funny to me that anyone who has a loved one who is loosing their mind would think that more toxins are the answer.  The ones needing the drugs are the caregivers!  Just kidding.  My Mom is drug free and she has been since the onset.  She does not have outbursts and she does not object to direction and control.  Although she does not originate communication very often she can read out loud with her big print books.  When you think about it, reading is just copying what you see and requires no original thought.  She does tell you with her eyes what is happening and she can respond to pain, her fingers curling on one hand hurt when you try to uncurl them.  When I was feeding her lunch last week she was gazing over my shoulder at someone at the next table who was acting up.  She looked back at me with this impish expression in her eyes and we started to laugh, really laugh, and we actually had no idea why.  Love that.  We just laughed.  It was good to be together.

If all our sophisticated medical science cannot come up with the reason why the brain becomes “tangled” physically and people with Alzheimer’s just continue to worsen until they forget how to swallow and then forget how to breathe, perhaps toxins and their effects should be considered as a factor.  Medical science seldom looks at the effect of all the toxins we are exposed to contributing to disease.  They study one or two and never consider the total exposures and what these chemicals could cause when combined.  Remember Crisco and boxed cake mixes?  Do you read the labels on “manufactured food”?  We should all start because this disease takes the cake for creating trouble for everyone who loves you.  Real trouble.  I shudder to think of those who do not have strong family ties, it is gruesome.  Why not take control of our lives and start to pay attention to the things that keep us healthy instead of looking for treatments after the fact.  Nutrient dense organic foods could go a long way in helping supply your body with essential nutrients.  Avoiding  sources of contamination and utilizing chelation therapy to remove heavy metals makes sense to me.  I am my mother’s daughter.