Recent Study of Chelation Therapy

A recent study of chelation therapy (just one study among hundreds) highlights the benefits and illustrates the point that physician supervised intravenous chelation therapy is an essential, viable alternative and adjunctive treatment for heart disease and its related problems and symptoms.   
Chelation therapy can be used as a treatment for heart disease, or a preventive measure by lowering heavy metals in the body including ionic calcium, and as a supplemental treatment when surgery or drugs have been or are being utilized.

This retrospective study was of 220 patients from 8 outpatient centers; five from the US and one center each from Denmark, the Netherlands, and Brazil.  The average patient age was 64, 72% were males and 18% were smokers.  The average number of chelation treatments 58. 

In a three-year follow-up period the expected outcomes in patients with coronary heart disease treated only with conventional treatments would be 15 heart attacks and six deaths.  This chelation study showed this group of patients who had undergone chelation therapy programs, as a comparison, to have zero heart attacks and zero deaths, although 4 patients had strokes, they recovered well.  Compared with similar patient populations treated with conventional therapies, patients who also were chelated had a 93.6% lesser need for angioplasty and 62.5% reduced need for CABG.  Of the patients that initiated treatment with symptoms, 68.7% had complete resolution of symptoms. 

You would think a medical treatment with these kinds of results; that has been utilized in clinics across the world for over 45 years, would receive wide acceptance and be available to anyone who would choose the discipline of the standard protocol.  Not the case.  Who would oppose patients using few drugs and doing little surgery?  The field of medicine is many things and one thing it is for sure, is big business.  Like the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry it serves a basic, constant need in life and therefore is a huge industry.  It is a jealous industry putting special interests ahead of patient outcomes and care.  We need more choice to direct our own medical care and we need to take our bodies back.   

We say let the patient, with full knowledge of the real choices in health care, choose their doctors and their own treatments.  

 Contact us for a copy of the study discussed, “Subsequent Cardiac and Stroke Events in Patients with Known Vascular Disease Treated with EDTA Chelation Therapy.”