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Heart Disease - Recent Study Says It's Not Cholesterol - Could Be Lazy Medical Care

A recent study conducted by the UCLA School of Medicine found 75% of patients hospitalized for a heart attack had LDL cholesterol within the so called safe range- below 130mg/dl.  (21% of the patients were taking a statin cholesterol-lowering drug.)  The study also found that 50 percent of the patients had LDL less than 100mg/dL, considered to be optimum levels.  The data base used records from 541 hospitals across the country and the American Heart Journal published the study in 2009.
What is the take away here?  There is the obvious take away but then there is the “how do we use this to sell more drugs?” take away.  If you are a pharmaceutical company selling cholesterol lowering drugs you are thinking one way and if you are honest and a doctor or patient you should take another view.  It is a serious threat to your health because the die-hards businessmen and drug companies think we are not lowering cholesterol enough!!  That is completely lame.  Drug companies and insurance companies want the cheapest way to treat you!  But are years and years of taking drugs that cost a great deal over time coupled with the prospect of a hospitalization due to heart problems really the least expensive? 

This study is important in its implications for the individual patient.  The other important data to keep in mind is the steep rise in elderly people (and the not so elderly) who have developed Alzheimer’s disease.  Have they taken cholesterol lowering drugs?   Couple these data together and you have some answers as to what might be happening with our health profiles in this country.

In clinical practice the doctors, in a rush to see as many people as possible, take the easy way out.  The guidelines and “standards of care” determine the prescription of a cholesterol lowering drug in the case of someone with “high” cholesterol or heart disease.   You do not have to have much face time when you do a blood test for cholesterol and prescribe a drug and send the person on his way with advice to stop eating foods that drive cholesterol up.  It is fast, cheap and easy. 

Here is what should be happening; a physician with a thorough education knows the liver produces cholesterol and the body needs it for health.  He knows that cholesterol is a major constituent of every cell membrane in the entire body.  He knows cholesterol is protective of the nervous system and the basic building block of hormones and vitamin D.  A very important substance for health!  He also knows the likely causes of heart problems and looks for them.  He knows heavy metals are implicated in the development of high blood pressure and found in the muscle wall of the heart at autopsy in people with some forms of heart disease.  He will offer diagnostic tests that look at toxic metals and mineral nutrient status of his patients.   He knows ionic calcium (not the kind in bones) gets stuck in the muscle wall of the artery and in plaque causing “hardening of the arteries”. If he is really good he will recommend or provide IV chelation therapy to lower the levels of lead, ionic calcium, antimony, cadmium and other metals throughout the vascular system improving over all circulation.  One other benefit for the doctor is the happiness of people who feel great and are active and healthy.  Be a hero, do what is right with the scientific evidence provided by this study.  


Big pharma has really done it now!!

When you start to educate yourself about the business of medicine the first thing you think is how do these decision makers sleep at night.  The news yesterday about recommending statin drugs for children as a preventive measure is crazy.  Ever looked at the side effects of those drugs?  What kind of a money motivated person would recommend a child, with underdeveloped organs, whose tiny body is trying to attain full size, whose liver is not fully developed WOULD EVER EVER EVER RECOMMEND A STATIN DRUG WITH THE POTENTIAL FOR HORRENDOUS SIDE EFFECTS!!!  The Academy of Pediatrics announced the recommendation, keeps the drug company pushers in the background and exposes the hapless doctors who are too busy to study the problems of drug side effects of their patients. 
Do you realize all the medical problems that will be created by the drug itself and go unrecognized as side effects but will be treated as if they were real health conditions requiring what kind of treatment???  MORE DRUGS!!!  Now we will have college kids with illnesses to treat they would not have had if they would have been drug free.

Go to your pharmacist and ask for a complete list of side effects of statin drugs, do the drill.  Protect your kids, your grandkids, your neighbors kids, the school kids and start talking about this lame marketing idea.  Liver damage is one of the big side effects of these drugs, you need to have liver enzymes tested consistently.  More doctors visits – more potential problems. 

Think about how this will effect the life of your child, daily pills, frequent tests and doctor visits.  Talk about a good way to clog drs offices and emergency rooms.  Your child will feel like a sickly person without ever being ill before the drug.  It will acclaimate them to taking pills.  Think about the rationale for this drug sale, take a drug and prevent disease, it never does and never will.  Let’s give our kids the drugs for depression so they can be prevented from developing depression.  How?  They will have committed suicide before life gives them enough problems to be depressed about.  Why not take diabetic drugs so you never develop diabetes.  Let’s just serve a big plate of various drugs for dinner and cut down on the time it takes to prepare the meal!!!  Man. 

What ever happened to childhood?  Running, sunshine and good food?  It may come as a suprise but we do not all have heart disease!!  People with high cholestorol have been known to have great circulation and healthy hearts, people with low cholestorol have been known to drop dead of sudden heart attacks.  The incidence of disease does not correlate to use of statin drugs.  We have a large increase in the numbers of people with Alzheimer’s disease and someday soon statin drugs may be implicated.  Statin drugs can weaken muscles and the heart is a muscle.  Restrict cholesterol and your liver makes more if you are lucky.  Cholesterol is needed for cellular health…it goes on. 

I am disgusted.  Look at for  a simple complete list of side effects.  If you knew that would you recommend children take these drugs with no indication for them, no illness? 

Refuse drug therapy until your doctor has tried complementary alternative treatments for ailments and never subject children to this craziness.  find us at and come to our August seminar on cholesterol is you are in our area.   Coleen