Medical Alternatives

Common medical care is essential when you have acute problems, car accidents, illnesses, organ failures where heroic surgeries and drugs are needed.   Chronic health conditions can be alleviated or at least eased with lifestyle changes and the help of doctors who look at the function of your body and not just whether or not it has a cancerous lump or bacteria or virus.  We listen to people all the time who have normal blood work and diagnostic test results from their doctors but they feel awful and continue to have symptoms, no energy, pain, digestive problems, no interest in life, circulatory problems, hormonal difficulties, thyroid problems, and on and on.   The only thing their physician can offer is a drug, often a psyche drug because they cannot find anything wrong with you so it is all in your head and your are depressed.  Yep, depressed because you feel awful.  Sounds normal to us.  If you do not feel well it is hard to be interested in your work and  your life.
People should try all the self-help things that seem to have promise for them and certainly a proper diet and exercise always help.  When you need more, when dietary changes and exercise do not change things for you and you have tried other modalities you may need to resort to a physician who has experience in helping people without pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries.  Physicians trained in functional, alternative medical modalities have a great deal to offer.  Intravenous treatments is one fast route to recovery.  When you are ill it often follows that your digestion is faulty and you need digestive support with oral nutrients and intravenous treatments which bypass your digestive system altogether.  We help people with colitis, irritable bowel, lyme disease and just plain ill with treatments that replenish their anti-oxidant stores and address the body need for additional minerals.  Fast and effective it is the answer for so many people.

How many physicians consider toxic exposures when you complain of migraines, neurological problems like tingling and pain?  You need to find someone who can determine if you have toxic metal overloads, solvent or pesticide toxicity and who can help reduce the body burden of these chemicals and give you good advice regarding diet and life style changes.

Check our links for help. You will find us on the net and you will have our links to others just like us and our detoxification program.  Change the way you approach your health problems and get the results  you hoped for.

Medical Alternatives

We have a way to save health care dollars by staying healthy.  Avoiding the usual treatment for symptoms, pharmaceuticals, is a great place to start.  You need to find doctors who agree with not turning to drug therapy until other measures have been exhausted – so it really starts with you.
It is so hard to face the fact that we are causing our own disease.  First, we live a lifestyle with some aspects that make us sick.  We also believe what our doctors say which may not be so bright.  Where are they getting their information?  Do they know anything about how to stay healthy?  I have had women tell me their surgeons, at the time of breast cancer surgery, tell them to stay away from pesticides.  Has your doctor ever told you that before you develop cancer? 

What to do?  Start some research with a little of your spare time.  Look into the ingredients in processed foods.  Find videos describing how your food is made.  Find a glossary for ingredients and food additives and get a good dictionary to help you discover the things in your food.  Why does exercise help?  Where are chemicals stored?  Do nutrient supplements work and are they absorbed orally?  Avoid artificial sweeteners at all costs.  Bad stuff.  The business is so powerful the truth never comes out when we need it, they just eliminated most sugared soft drinks in school machines.  The exact opposite of what should have been done.  What are the machines doing in schools in the first place?  They bring the school additional revenues.  Children gain weight because artificial food additives and sweeteners cause weight gain.  Sugared soft drinks are safer than artificially sweetened drinks.

Even though we deal with these issues daily I learned something from the film “Food,Inc.”;  I found out an additive is mixed in with hamburger that has ammonia in it because the ammonia kills a certain e coli bacteria present in most hamburger.  This additive is a filler.   That did it for me.  Fresh organic burger is an even better idea than I originally thought.  Organic for sure!

We were able to bring a good amount of organic foods to the supermarket because we, the public, asked for them.  That is why they are there.  What would happen if you asked at your favorite restaurant if any selections on the menu were organic?  That would help.   Supporting your local organic growers is very important.  You can find a great deal of the foods you need each week right in your neighborhood if you live outside the cities.  Try it.

Educate yourself about good oils and which ones to consume.  Avoid canola, corn and soy, yep, soy products are nearly all GMO foods.  You need an abundance of fat to keep your weight down.  You body needs it.  There are lots of lies regarding fat consumption and cholesterol.  Check out our earlier blog entries.  Our best advice is get active with exercise and get active in your research of contaminant sources and clean food sources.  It will work, you will feel and be better.

On Health Care Reform-Another Problem

There is clearly much that can be done to improve health care both in the delivery and financing.  We have been blogging about many aspects that are clearly a problem.  Actually, they are frightening; if you have ever had a serious illness or been in a serious car accident you know why we recommend you have a family member with you and advocating for you as much as possible.  There is more to consider now.
We are used to insurance companies telling doctors what they will pay for and what they will not pay for.  It seems so silly to me that anyone gives them the last say.  Doctors should say to their patients, “this is what they will cover, my best advice to you is to do this even though it is not covered and appeal their decision not to pay for it, we will advocate for you as much as we can.“  Let the patient decide.  So often the conversation does not give the patient choice, doctors just assume the patient would not accept care that isn’t covered.  Not true.  Here is a new idea, whose body is it?  Who deserves the choice?

This will become a very important in the months to come because the health care legislation has created a real problem for doctors.   Treatments will be dictated by a board at the federal level AND the insurance companies.  Doctors will work within those frameworks.  What happens when someone sues the doctor?  That’s right.   The doctor takes the fall and he was following the treatment plans of a commission and under the guidance of the insurance company.  He will be the one sued.  That is why doctors will leave in droves if something is not done with tort reform.  The federal government will not be sued, people on those boards are immune to suits, insurance companies are protected.   What we have is a system of medical care paid for by people who are not in the room, who do not know the patient, who make decisions based on advice from vested interests.  Drug companies give very bad advice, they do not even acknowledge that the body needs nutrition to be healthy or that the body might have a nutrient deficiency of such magnitude it causes a symptom.

Be independent and find doctors who are, it will be far cheaper in the long run.  It is pretty easy to afford a catastrophic health plan and take care of routine tests and care yourself.   It is more important than ever now.

Currently nothing was done to fix this problem because most legislators are lawyers.  They protect the interests of lawyers and we would not want to cut into the big business of malpractice lawsuits would we??!!  Those poor patients who were harmed need to be defended by the best.  We agree.  What is ruthless and nasty is the fact that doctors are ruled by medical boards, insurance companies and now the feds.  If a doctor does not provide the “standard of care“  they are risking law suits and loss of their license.  The standard of care is established by the group, advised by drug companies and financial types.  It is a brave doctor that practices by his own judgement apart from the “group think”.  Rare.  You can find such a doctor by going to, or, or


First of all my viewpoint on vaccinations is from the perspective of clinical family practice and our anti-aging medical philosophy.  I want all our patients, young and old, to research for themselves the information available on vaccinations, how  they work , and potential side effects so they can make up their own minds.  Your health is your responsibility and doctors should be trusted advisors who leave the ultimate decisions regarding your health to you.
Challenges to your immune system are actually good, mild flu can stimulate your immune system and increase your resistence to a more virulent strain of flu.  The current news is that H1N1 or the swine flu currently circulating could be losing potency and is a mild form to begin with.  It is also true that people whose immune system is weak and who have some conditions are especially susceptible to complications, including death, from contracting this flu strain.  Keep in mind, one more thing, during a “normal” winter flu season we can expect 35,000 deaths in the U.S., from common influenza.  The deaths from this current strain of swine flu through August was less than 600.  We are now experiencing a break out of this flu in our area schools.

Here is the rub.  Read for yourself the information provided by the CDC  on the fact that the manufacturers have several formulations and some will contain thimerosal as a preservative.  Multi dose vials of seasonal influenza vaccine also contain thimerosal to prevent potential contamination after the vial is opened.   Sooooooo… this fact alone should alarm you just a tad.  If you have a strong immune system and you want to protect  your kids who are otherwise in good health consider this.  Your body and the bodies of your children already have a toxic burden interrupting immune function to some extent, you are polluted with various pesticides, chemicals from food and the air and water, medical and street drugs.   Do you have a gauge of your current toxic body burden?  Some doctors will site studies that “prove” thimerosal is safe.  Mercury to scientists is the most toxic element on earth.  I know, there are different forms of mercury.  So what.  Some are simply more toxic than others.  The problem is how do we know at which point the accumulated toxic exposure pushes a person over the edge into health problems.  It is not one exposure but many you need to worry about.  So you need to weigh the benefits and risks for yourself.   Mercury is a neurotoxin and is toxic to the immune system in that it interrupts normal healthy function.  It also changes cells in your arteries and can lead to cardiovascular disease.   A past article in the Journal of Cardiology cited evidence of 22,000 times more mercury in heart muscle cells in people with a certain heart disease than others without it.

 I am not a research physician, I read the research of others, I have clinical experience dealing every day with my patients.  My patients have noticed the health of their children drastically changing after a course of childhood immunizations.  I think there is no better observer of childhood problems than their parents.  I side with parents and so do other like minded physicians.  We are bombarding our children with vaccination schedules that are rigorous and could be causing serious harm.

This is a long talk and it should be a research project for your family.  Keep in mind the first swine flu scare was 1976 and a similar vaccine campaign resulted in claims for 1.3 billion dollars for vaccine damage including paralysis.  Why would that be?  Vaccine constituents can attack the nervous system.   We wish you, as always, all the best in coming to your decision.