Medical Alternatives

Common medical care is essential when you have acute problems, car accidents, illnesses, organ failures where heroic surgeries and drugs are needed.   Chronic health conditions can be alleviated or at least eased with lifestyle changes and the help of doctors who look at the function of your body and not just whether or not it has a cancerous lump or bacteria or virus.  We listen to people all the time who have normal blood work and diagnostic test results from their doctors but they feel awful and continue to have symptoms, no energy, pain, digestive problems, no interest in life, circulatory problems, hormonal difficulties, thyroid problems, and on and on.   The only thing their physician can offer is a drug, often a psyche drug because they cannot find anything wrong with you so it is all in your head and your are depressed.  Yep, depressed because you feel awful.  Sounds normal to us.  If you do not feel well it is hard to be interested in your work and  your life.
People should try all the self-help things that seem to have promise for them and certainly a proper diet and exercise always help.  When you need more, when dietary changes and exercise do not change things for you and you have tried other modalities you may need to resort to a physician who has experience in helping people without pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries.  Physicians trained in functional, alternative medical modalities have a great deal to offer.  Intravenous treatments is one fast route to recovery.  When you are ill it often follows that your digestion is faulty and you need digestive support with oral nutrients and intravenous treatments which bypass your digestive system altogether.  We help people with colitis, irritable bowel, lyme disease and just plain ill with treatments that replenish their anti-oxidant stores and address the body need for additional minerals.  Fast and effective it is the answer for so many people.

How many physicians consider toxic exposures when you complain of migraines, neurological problems like tingling and pain?  You need to find someone who can determine if you have toxic metal overloads, solvent or pesticide toxicity and who can help reduce the body burden of these chemicals and give you good advice regarding diet and life style changes.

Check our links for help. You will find us on the net and you will have our links to others just like us and our detoxification program.  Change the way you approach your health problems and get the results  you hoped for.