Medical Alternatives

We have a way to save health care dollars by staying healthy.  Avoiding the usual treatment for symptoms, pharmaceuticals, is a great place to start.  You need to find doctors who agree with not turning to drug therapy until other measures have been exhausted – so it really starts with you.
It is so hard to face the fact that we are causing our own disease.  First, we live a lifestyle with some aspects that make us sick.  We also believe what our doctors say which may not be so bright.  Where are they getting their information?  Do they know anything about how to stay healthy?  I have had women tell me their surgeons, at the time of breast cancer surgery, tell them to stay away from pesticides.  Has your doctor ever told you that before you develop cancer? 

What to do?  Start some research with a little of your spare time.  Look into the ingredients in processed foods.  Find videos describing how your food is made.  Find a glossary for ingredients and food additives and get a good dictionary to help you discover the things in your food.  Why does exercise help?  Where are chemicals stored?  Do nutrient supplements work and are they absorbed orally?  Avoid artificial sweeteners at all costs.  Bad stuff.  The business is so powerful the truth never comes out when we need it, they just eliminated most sugared soft drinks in school machines.  The exact opposite of what should have been done.  What are the machines doing in schools in the first place?  They bring the school additional revenues.  Children gain weight because artificial food additives and sweeteners cause weight gain.  Sugared soft drinks are safer than artificially sweetened drinks.

Even though we deal with these issues daily I learned something from the film “Food,Inc.”;  I found out an additive is mixed in with hamburger that has ammonia in it because the ammonia kills a certain e coli bacteria present in most hamburger.  This additive is a filler.   That did it for me.  Fresh organic burger is an even better idea than I originally thought.  Organic for sure!

We were able to bring a good amount of organic foods to the supermarket because we, the public, asked for them.  That is why they are there.  What would happen if you asked at your favorite restaurant if any selections on the menu were organic?  That would help.   Supporting your local organic growers is very important.  You can find a great deal of the foods you need each week right in your neighborhood if you live outside the cities.  Try it.

Educate yourself about good oils and which ones to consume.  Avoid canola, corn and soy, yep, soy products are nearly all GMO foods.  You need an abundance of fat to keep your weight down.  You body needs it.  There are lots of lies regarding fat consumption and cholesterol.  Check out our earlier blog entries.  Our best advice is get active with exercise and get active in your research of contaminant sources and clean food sources.  It will work, you will feel and be better.