How Are You Feeling About Health Care Reform??

It will be sometime before we know how any legislation on health care will turn out.  Both bills going to conference set up intermediaries between the patients and doctors.  So now you will have the insurance company AND the federal government commissions.  Can you imagine how that might go- millions of people needing decisions every minute of the day.
The solution to this is a concerted effort on the part of every individual to learn as much as they can about staying healthy or returning to good health and maintaining it.  You need to stay away from the use standard medical help as much as you can.  We have people in hospitals and on boards telling us the changes have already been instituted in many ways without the new bill.  Ask the ill elderly people around you and you may find the care they should have is not available or not offered to them.

Staying healthy is the way to go.  Check out our website and read the articles we post for some ideas on improving your immune system and you will find some of the treatment programs we offer for wellness, and to reverse health problems, described.  We reverse heart disease, diabetes, arthritis to mention a few.  We help people with chronic conditions.

Our New Year’s wish for you is not a wish, it is a postulate and a prayer for your good health.   We are going to need every shoulder at the wheel to preserve our “free” society.  Every person needs to be in tip-top shape to confront and handle the problems coming down the road.