Stay Healthy is the Answer

But how?  First of all realize the air you breathe, the food you eat, and the things you put on your body can make you sick.  Toxins accumulate in the body and disrupt the normal functions of many systems.  Toxins often act in place of hormones.  The effect of toxins or the presence of toxins is a new view of the cause of  symptoms and neglected by most doctors and patients alike.  Finding  ways to investigate the level of toxins in the body is smart health care.
Food is health, food heals and food causes disease.  It is work to find local growers and organic farmers and suppliers near your home but it is essential.  If there is anyone in your family with health difficulties the first thing to do is clean up your diet.  Eat fresh organic, eat fresh anything and everything.  If you made a pact with yourself to eat fresh foods only and you had a weight problem you would lose weight without limiting calories.  The additives in factory foods cause obesity.  Artificial, manufactured foods need to be avoided.  Although many grocery stores offer organic products you may find better local resources in your area.  The idea is to pack as much nutrition into every bite and you will feel so much better!!

Clean water is essential. Do not count on your city water or your well.  You can have a perfectly good well one year and the next have TCE in the water due to environmental contamination.  Make sure you know your water source and you take measures to make it as clean as can be. 

Air is dicey- hard to control.  You can find good air cleaners for you home and office.  It is important. 

Then… there is so much you can find to help you stay healthy in homeopathics, nutrient supplements, and many other self-help practices.  Keep in mind your personal care products are going into your blood stream through your lungs and through your skin.  You need to know ingredients and their effects.  Luckily we have the internet and all the great companies providing organic sources of everything.  Household items, personal care products, baby clothes, hemp fashions, bamboo fashions, baby toys, foods and support groups are all easily available.  The key is to keep it simple and clean.  Avoid chemicals in personal care products and food.

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