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50 ish? Time to Age Gently

When you consider the fact that you accumulate toxins through out your lifetime including heavy metals and those drugs you did as a kid;  don’t forget all the chemicals in personal care products and manufactured food as well as the out gassing from new homes and fire retardants in furniture…you might being feeling a bit fatigued and ill.  Some of us are downright disease ridden.  This is a great time to do something about all this before you are sitting in a nursing home drooling unable to remember your life.

Gently aging should include a great nutrient supplement list, some exercise and treatments developed to take care of the toxins you are riddled with.  Tiny amounts of lead, not to mention cadmium and antimony, interfere with  your circulation and energy level.  Lead raises blood pressure leading to heart disease and strokes.  Chemicals make you foggy and stupid or worse, give you cancer.  The treatment best at removing metals is intravenous chelation therapy and the treatment best at removing chemicals is a Hubbard Method sauna detoxification program.

One of our recent patient successes is a rave report from a chelation patient who had a cardiac cath revealing three blocked arteries: one 50%, one 70% and another 80% blocked.  He decided after some years of chelation treatments as a maintenance program to have another cath.  Guess what?  No blockages at all on the second cath.  This is a reversal of heart disease.  Reversed.  So for the price of dinner out with friends you can change the course of your aging and have a chelation treatment once a month to continuely remove the lead and cadmium and other metals from your body.  Many of our patients notice their arthritis, dry skin, wrinkles and hair growth improve as a side benefit.  They feel and ARE younger.  The patient with blockages had 84 treatments over 76 months – economical way to reverse the disease process.  Dr. Maulfair conducts a very informative seminar discussing this thoroughly.

A contractor with chronic Lyme disease recently completed our sauna detoxification program and had a great benefit.  A few weeks after completing he is excited because he can work all day, into the early evening, and is not suffering from seasonal allergies that used to result in bad headaches and an inability to work all day.  He gets up every morning excited about his work.  There is more to that story you can find by emailing us for the success stories.  This sauna detoxification program is the exact protocol that delivers every time.

There are a ton of self help actions you can take to age gently and when you need something more intense come to us and we will help you reverse the declines associated with aging.