Health Care Disarray

We will endure many more months of uncertainty and confusion on the health care front.  As employers decide how the new law will affect them, and doctors decide what they are going to do, we will feel the unsettling aspects of this disorderly and ignorant legislation.  If you are interested in various aspects of  government health care our views are clear in our blog.
We know people have already been turned away from conscientious care in hospitals if they are medicare patients and “old”, “you have lived a good life” is the refrain.  Individual choice and family wishes are neglected.  He who pays says.  It has been true for years that covered drug rehabilitation is not rehabilitation, it is substituting a prescribed drug for a street drug because it is cheaper; it costs more to provide real help!  This and so much more will be routine and you will find treatments reduced to the cheapest, pharmaceuticals.  We will be an inactive, drugged nation in a few years…unless..

The only personal path is to stay healthy so you can escape all these pot holes of “choice” in your own care.  Being as healthy as you can will be the responsible path.  You know, we need to be working until the day we drop  so our taxes can pay for others.  The only way to fight back and escape the apathy that can set in when you lose your freedom is to do what you love and just keep being interested and active.  In the meantime do yourself a favor and study up on paths to excellent health and follow what you find.

For me that means taking my husbands’ advice and exercising more.  He tells me to slow down when I eat “because your stomach does not have teeth!“   A diet high in organic, nutrient dense foods is a must.  What we put in our mouth determines our health and it needs to be well chewed to digest properly.  Avoiding exposures to toxins is smart.  I will increase the frequency of my chelation program so I am continuing to remove the metals causing high blood pressure and more.  So join me in taking good care of yourself and your family and we will avoid visits to the doctor altogether.  If you find you need a doctor, seek out one like my husband who knows how to help you without pharmaceutical drugs.