PBS Health Advice

This is the run of the mill, and now will be the run of the society, medical advice.  I was listening to PBS Philadelphia on my way in to our medical center this morning and caught this discussion of a person with serious cramping.  Charlie horse cramps at night that ruined his sleep and caused him all kinds of related problems.  His toes and legs would cramp.  He described a big toe cramp that pulled his toe at a ninety degree angle one night and on another it curled his toe completely under so when he stepped out of bed in serious pain he then broke his toe as he put his weight on it in that position.
The moderator was sooooo interested.  They continued to explain how he went everywhere and had every test known to medicine and they found nothing out of the ordinary, no real cause determined.   So what was the recommendation?  I will give you a few a minutes to think about that.   Think – what do you suppose??  You will have this recommendation occurring much more often now that we have medical care for EVERYONE!! 

OK…time is up.  He is so happy because he had been put on a medication for seizures and it worked great, no more cramps.  No more cramps but a few more months of that and he will wish for cramps to get rid of the side effects of the drug.  Who knows, he may still get the cramps but he can’t feel them so he does not wake up.  Maybe the drug makes him groggy.

This is crazy.  Why not wonder why?  Why not admit the body builds health from nutrients; could there be a deficiency of magnesium, potassium, calcium or b complex vitamins?  He did say he was told to eat bananas.  If  you have medical tests after enduring some medical problem and nothing shows up, how about the obvious?  You body is missing something it desperately needs.   When you experience a symptom the problem has been happening for sometime.  A symptom is not your body telling you something happened recently it is telling you it can’t take it anymore and it is the end stage of the problem.

A seizure drug for muscle cramps sounds like a recommendation from someone who does not know anything about HEALTH.  They know a great deal about the fact that seizure drugs make it impossible for the body express the symptom of a deficiency known as a cramp.  The cramp is the sign that something is amiss- the body would never have a seizure drug deficiency.

I am telling you this because you need to get wise fast.  Obama care is certain.  Drugs are cheap in comparison to real care and real attention from a doctor and are far easier than changing your lifestyle and taking care of yourself ; eating properly and getting proper nutrition. And, and, and.  I could go on.