There are many examples of ways to save health care dollars with increasing knowledge of self-care and permitting physicians to use alternative, complementary treatments without harassment.  As long as you have big pharma in bed with the government decisions makers we are not going to get there.
You can help yourself.  A great antiaging strategy includes chelation and avoiding many common drugs and treatments.  A great book written by Dr. Joel M. Kauffman who holds his PhD in Organic Chemistry with 80 papers on chemical and medical topics, and 11 patents, he has turned to exposing medical fraud.  The following is a quote from his recent book entitled Malignant Medical Myths, you can contact Infinity Publishing to purchase,

Here is what Dr. Kauffman had to say on page 176:  While no one is certain of why EDTA chelation by intravenous drip works to reverse atherosclerosis, prevent cancer, lower BP, and increase walking distances by countering poor blood flow, there is little doubt that it does so when properly administered to appropriate patients.  EDTA chelation also helps diabetic ulcers to heal and it delays or eliminates the need for the drastic mainstream treatments of angioplasty, coronary bypass operations, or amputation of limbs.

One has to be shocked that investigation of the procedure advanced only by means of low-cost studies, clinical observation, word-of-mouth communication, and publications of results in lesser known journals.  Lack of patent protection for the use of EDTA and the infusion process contributed, of course, but the lack of approval of EDTA by the FDA of atherosclerosis, despite evidence of far greater benefits that those of the toxic drug Trental, must leave one gasping at the iniquities of a treatment approval system so obviously biased toward Big Pharma, and against both patients who will benefit as well as physicians who want ot provide this chelation treatment.


The low quality of the efforts to debunk EDTA chelation has been exposed.  Officially sanctioned trials were rigged.  Raw data had to be smuggled out by honest researchers in order to show some of the biases in the published articles on the trials that were debased.  Chelation is one “alternative” treatment that works.

 Discouraging sick people from undergoing an effective treatment such as EDTA chelation is despicable, even more so when dangerous procedures with limited applicability and no lasting benefit such as angioplasty or bypass surgery are recommended instead.  Because of the bias in mainstream medicine against chelation, most patients who accept it do so as a last resort after all conventional treatments have failed, although a majority would have been better off using chelation as the first treatment.  It is estimated that by the year 2000 more than a million patients had received more than 20 million intravenous infusions of EDTA.  There were no ill effects when the procedure was correctly done.  About 88% of the patients improved (Cranton, 2001, pp4, 324).“     

You can see the extensive list of references when you have the book.  This book is a consumer protection of very high quality both in its usefulness and extensive discussion of medicine as it is practiced today.  Get one and you will see the possibilities of real healthcare reform.