I Will Never Forget

The sky is crying this morning in honor of all the people lost and injured on 9/11.  Heavy east coast rains.  From that day on I had a new appreciation for all our citizens who work as policemen, firefighters and rescue workers, government employees, service men and woman and all others who keep us safe.  I really admire these people.  I think about all the American families who lost loved ones and who still have health problems due to these disasters.
Dr. Maulfair and I were very aware of the benefits of Mr. Hubbard’s sauna detoxification protocol  and we vowed to make it available for everyone we could reach.  We opened our program in 2003 and have helped a number of people affected by the onslaught of toxins we encounter in everyday life.  Conrad and I consider this protocol to be the key to any wellness and antiaging program.  This program clears most of the chemical and drug residues from the body.  Check out our website for comments from participants and you will see the benefits that are possible, purelyyoudetox.com.  The project in New York city can be found at http://www.nydetox.org.  You can also check out our links and find application of this program for drug addicts and the victims of the Chernobyl disaster.  With broad application we could help the citizens of New York recover their health as well.  Many people still suffer health problems due to this event.  I am quite sure they will never forget.

Blessings to all people who help in this society and all who were harmed.