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We have some interesting and heartbreaking news in the world of medicine these days. There are references you should put on your “keep me updated list.”
You know, it was 1993 when the pharmaceutical world secured the right to advertise direct to the public and the growth of television advertising of drugs increased 4,000% by 1999. With the networks dependent on the revenue from these companies do you feel you get a fair, unbiased reporting of the news in the medical field? Do you think the demand from patients to their physicians for the latest and greatest “drug ad” change the way physicians treat their patients?

If you want information that is factual you have to dig for it and you have to be interested. If you fail to take the responsibility for checking out your medical choices you could drastically affect the outcomes you hoped for. In the case of vaccinations for children the most explosive news in years has gone unreported in the television media. A CDC scientist, William Thompson, went public with the news that he and his co-authors cooked studies on the MMR vaccine; they hid the fact that there was a connection between the vaccine and the occurrence of autism in vaccinated children. We knew this was the case from the hundreds and thousands of parents that observed the connection in their families. Add to your “keep me updated list” an investigative reporter Jon Rappoport to keep current on these facts and more with his site

A new diet drug has been released that has a hidden anti-depressant in it and suicide risk as a side-effect. You can find news like this with The Alliance of Natural Health USA, Dr. Maulfair advises his patients wait at least five years before taking any new drug as the release of the drugs into the population is, in itself, the research of side-effects. The clinical trials run by the manufacturers themselves open the door for false interpretations of the results and the trials are small and short lived. When the drug hits the American marketplace the side effects start appearing in the FDA data base, waiting five years gives you more security in determining if the risk of the drug is worth it’s use. Obviously if you had a serious health crisis it may make sense to try a drastic measure of taking an experimental drug. Dr. Maulfair also recommends some “old” tried and true medications whose complete list of side effects are well known and those that have far less risk.

For those of us who want to take more responsibility for the outcomes of health care choices The Alliance of Natural Health gives you a directory of organizations of physicians for you to search for their help in your city. Beyond self care there are health professionals and doctors who offer a wide range of treatments that are not drugs.

Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom, will bring you the latest in the changes in health care and Obama care updates. This is the news you will not see in the common media and the legislation that is proposed. This site is really a survival tool if you want to make your choices fully informed. Along with our friends, the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons,, you will learn how doctors are changing the choices you have and opening clinics that are cheaper per procedure than those offering covered services. AAPS also gives you intelligent articles and updates on the legal status of various aspects of government health care.

One TV network reported the linkage between artificial sweeteners and adverse health problems.  In line with our counseling of patients they explained these chemicals can ruin your digestive tract and are considered by the body as any toxin would be.  Avoiding them is key to good health.  There are low glycemic choices.

We find that the smartest choice at this point are health savings accounts combined with very high deductible plans for emergencies. Finding independent doctors in your town can be tough as the hospitals are employing most but it is still possible to find an independent physician through these resources.

We wish for you great health. Your best hope for a happy life is being healthy and not needing any invasive interventions.

Big pharma has really done it now!!

When you start to educate yourself about the business of medicine the first thing you think is how do these decision makers sleep at night.  The news yesterday about recommending statin drugs for children as a preventive measure is crazy.  Ever looked at the side effects of those drugs?  What kind of a money motivated person would recommend a child, with underdeveloped organs, whose tiny body is trying to attain full size, whose liver is not fully developed WOULD EVER EVER EVER RECOMMEND A STATIN DRUG WITH THE POTENTIAL FOR HORRENDOUS SIDE EFFECTS!!!  The Academy of Pediatrics announced the recommendation, keeps the drug company pushers in the background and exposes the hapless doctors who are too busy to study the problems of drug side effects of their patients. 
Do you realize all the medical problems that will be created by the drug itself and go unrecognized as side effects but will be treated as if they were real health conditions requiring what kind of treatment???  MORE DRUGS!!!  Now we will have college kids with illnesses to treat they would not have had if they would have been drug free.

Go to your pharmacist and ask for a complete list of side effects of statin drugs, do the drill.  Protect your kids, your grandkids, your neighbors kids, the school kids and start talking about this lame marketing idea.  Liver damage is one of the big side effects of these drugs, you need to have liver enzymes tested consistently.  More doctors visits – more potential problems. 

Think about how this will effect the life of your child, daily pills, frequent tests and doctor visits.  Talk about a good way to clog drs offices and emergency rooms.  Your child will feel like a sickly person without ever being ill before the drug.  It will acclaimate them to taking pills.  Think about the rationale for this drug sale, take a drug and prevent disease, it never does and never will.  Let’s give our kids the drugs for depression so they can be prevented from developing depression.  How?  They will have committed suicide before life gives them enough problems to be depressed about.  Why not take diabetic drugs so you never develop diabetes.  Let’s just serve a big plate of various drugs for dinner and cut down on the time it takes to prepare the meal!!!  Man. 

What ever happened to childhood?  Running, sunshine and good food?  It may come as a suprise but we do not all have heart disease!!  People with high cholestorol have been known to have great circulation and healthy hearts, people with low cholestorol have been known to drop dead of sudden heart attacks.  The incidence of disease does not correlate to use of statin drugs.  We have a large increase in the numbers of people with Alzheimer’s disease and someday soon statin drugs may be implicated.  Statin drugs can weaken muscles and the heart is a muscle.  Restrict cholesterol and your liver makes more if you are lucky.  Cholesterol is needed for cellular health…it goes on. 

I am disgusted.  Look at for  a simple complete list of side effects.  If you knew that would you recommend children take these drugs with no indication for them, no illness? 

Refuse drug therapy until your doctor has tried complementary alternative treatments for ailments and never subject children to this craziness.  find us at and come to our August seminar on cholesterol is you are in our area.   Coleen