Health care law

Health Care Notes...key information

Just a quick note to let you know there are things you can do to stay ahead of the health care reforms and all the problems they will inject into your life.  Please visit Americans for Prosperity for the place and time of meetings in Delaware and Pennsyslvania planned to help inform you about the aspects of Obamacare you may not know about.
Jon Rappoport has a series of articles whose content you do not want to miss.  He is a health freedom fighter of immense understanding and the information in his blog is a must read, go here,   There is also a group of physicians and surgeons website is  They have information on the content of this law and what can be done to reflect the blows to your health.  This is a group of free enterprise physicians and very smart dialogue you can access and refer your doctors to as well.

Our polls show that people want and expect their physicians to get to the bottom of their health problems.  They want doctors who search for and find the cause of their problems and not just offer a drug to mask symptoms.  Is that inline with your interests?

There is no better advice to give at this point in our country’s history than to implore you to seek information on the content of the health care law that is about to descend on us.  The harm is clear and we are dedicated to help in the dessemination of the sources of truth on the content of this complicated and complicating law.  Your health and the health of generations to come depends on your actions.  Please, please inform yourself and others.