Your Health and Health Care Reform

Now that health care reform legislation has had some time to digest let’s talk about what we can do.  There will be massive changes in the way you think about your health care and you can start now.  Some people will form membership groups and hire physicians directly.  It is a good idea.  We already have medical tourism and as odd as it may sound to some, the results have been great.  Some US physicians fly with their patients to locations where there are hospitals and the patients bring their families and undergo medical treatment while on holiday in great island locations.  This will become more familiar as people realize they are not going to be approved for some procedures they want as they age.  It already happens that people are told they cannot have procedure they want because they are too old and it isn’t covered.
Apart from those dire scenes there are active interesting things you can do now so you never need heroic medical care.  Bypass surgeries and stents and all that stainless steel will be unnecessary, unneeded if you start taking care of yourself.  Actually it really takes three major actions to insure  healthy aging.  All reducing the reasons people are ill in the first place.  Look to these basics, these fundamentals and you will thrive in your later years while avoiding government health care solutions.

Find a doctor who will help you determine your heavy metal load.  Tiny bits of lead contribute to high blood pressure and heart problems.  Get on  a preventive chelation therapy program.  That is, a comprehensive intravenous chelation program.  Make sure any doctor you go replenishes the nutrient minerals taken out with the chelation treatment.  Sadly, some doctors do not recommend the minerals and other nutrients that are essential in a proper program.  When you reduce heavy metals you eliminate the reason most heart problems are heart problems; you can visit our website to request more data.

Make sure you lower the levels of past street drugs or medical drugs you may have taken and environmental chemicals like pesticides, food additives and artificial ingredients because these can really mess you up.  A comprehensive sauna detoxification program markedly lowers the levels of these substances and prevents neurological problems like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic headaches and a host of other ailments.

Improve your digestion and detoxify your innards.  Make sure you eliminate any intestinal candidiasis infections.  There are many cleanses you can do, colonics, herbal cleanses, and just plain good eating habits will restore a faulty digestive system.  You take in the things you need for health and a good immune system through your gut so you better be in good shape.  A good digestive system protects you from bacterial infections and viruses and many other problems.  There are interesting diagnostic tests that determine the condition of your digestion and they do not involve scopes!

If you are lowering your heavy metals, reducing the chemical contaminates you carry around, and rebuilding your digestive system you just need a few more things to keep you in good shape.  High grade fresh and organic foods with no additives.  Fresh foods eaten raw or prepared properly in a smart restaurant or at home.  You need to enjoy your food and enjoy the simple things like walks in fresh air and then add the many self-help modalities you are interested in.  There are many that contribute to a very happy life indeed.  You may need bio-identical hormone replacement as you age. 

Happy lives are lived by healthy people who do not need to look to some government-run program to tell them what to do with their health concerns.  I cannot wait to look around in ten years to all my friends who are well and happy and escaping the dire ends predicted by the country’s “experts” with new ways to deliver disease care.