How do we treat people?

We listen and we use special diagnostic work-ups to help you determine the underlying reasons for your problems. We find the underlying cause and correct that and seldom need to resort to drugs and surgery.We would never treat a condition with drugs and surgery until we tried other approaches. Preventive medicine is not a diagnostic test; it is preventive treatments and life style choices that insure good health.

If you are currently taking drugs or have had surgery and still have a persistent problem come to us anyway. We can help you.

We will improve your condition and you will need fewer and fewer drugs to handle your problem. Our goal for you is HEALTHY AND DRUG FREE.

If we can’t make it all the way, you will at least be using far less medication and you will FEEL BETTER.

We are here and we are waiting to meet you and help you with the natural approach to your problems.


Join us and find the answers you hoped for.

You are always welcome to come by for a visit with patients or staff.
You are welcome to attend our seminars to learn how to help yourself live a better life.

We use effective natural medicine approaches FIRST before we recommend drugs or surgery. We help you regain control of your health and the quality of your life.