Confused? What is Alternative Complementary Medicine?

There is a great confusion on the nature of Alternative, Complementary Medicine - actually missing information and false information.  Health care plans, hospitals, counselors and other health providers are providing half the story.  A recent PBS show took up this topic and highlighted yoga, vegetarian diets, nutritional counseling, Reiki and other good things to do.  None of these treatments compete with what the hospital is already doing.  The one glaring thing that was missing from this show was diagnostic and therapeutic modalities that directly compete with common everyday mainstream medicine.   Hospitals offer yoga, acupuncture, Reiki, exercise and nutritional programs,  mind-body medicine and not one of them directly competes or supplants what standard medicine has to offer.  They complement existing drug and surgical care.  They are extremely helpful for many people and we support their use  but the patient is not given all the information and help they could be. That is one half the story.
The attempt to bury, or to forget to mention, all the other treatments available that are direct competition for the usual, leave the public with missing data and the idea that you have accept certain diets, and ways of thinking in a “counseling” or coaching relationship.  It is hard for conservative people who do not want that kind of interference in their life styles.  They want an ALTERNATIVE TO THE USUAL DRUGS AND SURGERY.  They also want to PREVENT bad health outcomes.

There are hundreds of doctors across this country and the world who offer the real thing.  They are medical doctors who think outside the box ; they recognize the body’s ability to heal itself and they offer MEDICAL CARE delivered by themselves and nurses.  Homeopathic medicine is an alternative to drug therapy, chelation therapy is an alternative to drugs and surgery, infusion therapy of various types provides nutrients and other constituents the body is lacking and needs, chiropractic care is an alternative, taking nutrients properly both orally and intravenously is alternative to drugs, sauna therapy reduces the body burden of toxins and drugs making us vulnerable to being sick.  There are cancer treatments apart from chemotherapy and radiation.  These and much more restore normal function and heal.  They are suppressed, misrepresented, and generally not widely known.

Here is a nasty example of how all this works.  There is a widely accepted treatment called External Counter Pulsation.  This is a physical treatment approved by the FDA and reimbursed through medicare but only for one type of heart disease.  It is a treatment you do with a technical person where blood pressure like cuffs are placed around your calves, thighs and hips and you have electrodes on your heart that monitor your heart beat.  Inbetween heart beats the cuffs gently squeeze your legs forcing the blood quickly into the tiny capillaries in your heart that are not in use, it increases blood flow to the heart.  Got the picture?   Well, to avail yourself of this treatment in most clinics, you must be so ill that you cannot withstand another surgery.  That’s right, instead of using it BEFORE someone is really in trouble they wait to use it until you have had and paid for all the surgery you can take.  Guess what!  It works, people get better and regain their energy and improve their heart function even when they had been gravely ill.  Imagine what a wonderful thing to do to prevent heart problems in the first place.  There are tiny capillaries in your heart that are not in use and this encourages their growth.  Hint, did you know your body grows its own blood vessels around blockages if left alone?  It is called collateral circulation.   This treatment is not offered to people before they are in real trouble except in clinics like ours.  It is used in California for athletes to improve proformance.

The most important aspect of health care reform legislation, with all the talk and gnashing of teeth currently, misses the most important points for you and your family.  There is more available to you than you have found out about.  It is fought and suppressed so you stay in the system.  Contact our website and use our links to find doctors, or contact,, or