We stand ready to help you understand what you can do to feel great.  The confusion created by common medical recommendations and medical think is harmful to your happiness!! 
Tell me, how does a stress test prevent a problem?  If you have a stress test and catheterization and blocked arteries are found, what did you prevent?  If you have a mammogram and it detects breast cancer, what did you prevent?  If you have a colonoscopy and polyps or cancer are found what did you prevent?  What does a CAT scan prevent?

True, these are all very useful and “can’t do without” medical tools in acute situations.  If you are bleeding internally you need to find out why, if you have shortness of breathe and chest pain you need to determine the cause.  Heart problem or indigestion?  If you have a lump you need to find out what it is.  If you are in a car wreck you need to find out if there are internal injuries.  No argument with that.

The problem is we do not have enough care wrecks and lumps and pains to satisfy the thirsty business of medicine.  All this high-tech equipment is very expensive and you must have people using it to make the payments.  In itself it does not prevent anything but it gets billed as preventive medicine, it is not.

TRUE PREVENTIVE MEDICINE WOULD PREVENT SOME OCCURANCE.  Anti-aging medical modalities, both diagnostic and treatment modalities, do just that.  IF you find out you have a heavy metal toxicity you can take care of it and prevent heart attacks, high blood pressure, fatigue, cancer and early aging with all its inherent problems.  It is in your hands.  When you consult with your physician about your migraines ask WHY you are having them.  Is it because your nutrient minerals are low?  Is it because you have a hormonal imbalance?  Is it because you have B vitamin deficiencies?  Is it because you have food sensitivities? WHY IS IT?  When you learn to think like that and wonder why, you will find the reason and you will improve.  I can guarantee you do not a deficiency of a pain-killers causing your migraines.

You will get better health care when you demand it.  Really, it all rests with us.  We hav organic foods in grocery stores for one reason, we asked for them.  Are we going to continue to be victims of expensive,  invasive medical care that is throwing this country into an upheaval?   Are we going to continue to be a member of the  herd of sheep big medicine has created?  I would rather take care of myself, use my pretax dollars from a health savings account as I saw fit to see the doctors who really cared to find out WHY I have a problem.  I assure you I do not have a hidden delayed psychiatric disorder ready to be discovered by some nasty underhanded “questionnaire” so I can use drugs BIG pharma makes millions from that leave me unable to make my own way because of a drugged apathy towards life.  Not me and not my friends.

There are doctors all over this country who remain independent, who use cutting edge medicine to help their patients.  There are doctors who really care.  Find one.  There are diagnostic modalities that uncover where the normal function of your body has broken down.  Preventive care is anti-aging medicine, wellness programs, and enough curiosity to wonder why something is happening.  A strong immune system is preventive medicine.  Avoiding toxins and eating organic foods, supporting local farmers and growers who are supplying clean good food, taking additional nutrients and probiotics are just some the things you can do to prevent ill health.  Exercise does improve your immune system, it is the means your body uses to circulate lymph fluid.  Fresh air —all the things you know to do to take good care of yourself—do them and you will prevent scary medical problems.  We always stand ready to help in any way we can.

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