"This Is It!" and it is, you can't miss this.

Please take a break from all the political nonsense and bad decisions in Washington and see Michael Jackson’s film.  The wonderful Dr. Maulfair was not a fan, he humors me and goes to kids films and this film because he is a patient and sweet husband.  Well…night well spent.  At the end of this film he said,“that was awesome! , I am a fan!”.
The value of this film is extreme, from a production viewpoint it clearly shows how these concerts go together and showcases the tremendous talent we have on this planet.  It is inspiring beyond belief, MJ cared deeply about the problems in our lives and the planet.  His lyrics are wonderful.  Most of all the expression of the sheer joy of creating is sooooo evident with him, what a beauty he is, and this is that inside glimpse we seldom see when artists are in company of other great artists expressing the joy and  love for one another.  I am quite sure these days are one of the HIGH  highlights of their lives. You just can’t miss this.

I hope this goes on sale for the public, Connie promised he would put one in my Christmas stocking.  You are going to love this.  Coleen