Common Medical Care Defines Preventive Care Incorrectly!!

News today includes an interview with a Philadelphia cardiologist who thinks preventive medicine costs more.  The reason he THINKS THAT is his misunderstanding of the word prevention.  He thinks preventive medicine is more expensive tests, it is not.   What does a mammogram PREVENT??  Nothing.  What does a blood test prevent?  Nothing!   What does an xray prevent??  NOTHING!!!!
We are at the edge of the cliff as far as this society and health care reform stands and we still can’t think straight.  Preventive medicine should be those things that prevent something from occurring.  Well, check out our website and find out about medical care that does prevent things occurring.  How about taking care of the lead you have accumulated in your body BEFORE  it gives you high blood pressure!!!  NOW THAT IS PREVENTION.

It is so much cheaper per person to do things Conrad would recommend as life style changes and as medical treatments it is maddening the powers that be cannot get this straight.

There are tons of doctors in this country that can really help someone stay healthy.  HOW ABOUT STAYING HEALTHY FOR HEAVENS SAKE.   Find a doctor near you at or or call me – I will help you because there apparently are few who really understand what can be done!!  Thanks for listening.  Coleen   800-733-4065