Saving Millions of Health Care Dollars!!

Our patients are saving their insurance companies and medicare millions, MILLIONS.  How do they do it?  They pay for our services out-of-pocket and get some reimbursement from private insurance, not medicare.  How do they benefit?  Regaining health has no price and no pharmaceutical drug will cure you, only suppress symptoms while the disease process continues and you develop side effects on top of your original illness. That is true for the most popular drugs.
Instead of taking prozac, pain killers, statins, antacids or other meds our patients come to us to find what is happening with the normal functioning of their hormone levels, digestive process, whether or not they have lyme disease, heavy metal poisoning, low grade infections, decreased circulation, deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and on and on.  A medical detective like Dr. Maulfair can work up functional medical tests that actually uncover what your body is doing, doing right now, resulting in impaired health.  If you were once healthy and had tons of energy and you do not feel that way now, something happened.  Find that something and you will not need drugs for migraines, for instance, you will SAVE TONS OF MONEY BECAUSE YOU WILL RETURN TO OPTIMUM HEALTH.!!

This is the secret to real health care reform.   As an example:  a course of chelation therapy to lower metal levels before you develop high blood pressure, have a heart attack or require heroic bypass surgery and all the other procedures.  Price difference; in our area of eastern Pennsylvania 80,000-100,000 for bypass surgery and all the pre and post care as compared to $17,000 over the course of 18-20 months and then a monthly maintenance treatment for $125.00.  Add it up.  We can reverse the ravages of aging and disease process by lowering the levels of heavy metals that cause these things.  Heart attacks do not just happen like lightning strikes, they are caused.  Handle the cause and there is not a need for drastic measures.  Medical studies abound that illustrate a  little bit of lead causes increased blood pressure.  These studies are published in mainstream medical journals but big business medicine will not revamp to take a different approach.  They cannot help you if you carry around some lead in your body.  They do not wish to, not enough profits and they are stuck in grip of expensive care and big pharma.  Do you think drug companies like the idea of getting the lead out to avoid high blood pressure??!!  Lower drug sales.  THAT IS THE REASON YOU HAVE A HARD TIME UNDERSTANDING CHELATION THERAPY AND WHAT IT CAN DO.   EDTA’s patent ran out years ago so there is no big business interest pushing its use.  There is a long history of medical success in clinics of doctors who care so much about doing the right thing they turned in their country club memberships to really help their patients.  Many brave doctors, many.

Doctors all across this country can help you, you can reform your health and save millions and then turn around and point that out to the STOCKHOLDERS OF THE INSURANCE COMPANIES.  Stockholders are losing millions because the companies they invest in cover the wrong things easily and fully.  You get more of what you reward, reward health and healthy medical treatments and you will get more health and lower costs. 

I feel like screaming.  I think I am!