Dr. Maulfair's Birthday Reminds me...

You may have known I am quite partial to my husbands’ work and today is his birthday, he is happily working away seeing patients and exhibiting his high energy, as usual.  He is one of those rare docs who takes his own advice.  He does not ask his patients to do things he is not willing to do.  He uses chelation therapy as a preventive treatment and it sure pays off.  Into his 70’s he has the energy of a person much younger.  He enjoys his work and will work for many years to come because he makes real differences in the health of others and of course that is the most rewarding thing he could do.  He gains much happiness from the success of others.
He and many doctors like him, practice scientific preventive medicine and the positive outcomes are measurable.  His own vascular study revealed the arterial age of 51 years, so there you go.  Chelation therapy as a preventive program can prevent the problems of aging.  Scientific and measurable.

Look at all the bad news regarding health lately.  Heart disease remains the top killer and there is no reason for this other than lifestyle changes and out of the main stream treatments are not emphasized, knowledge of their benefits is not widespread.  YOU should be the one deciding what you are going to do about your health.  Pharmaceutical companies and some jealous medical business interests will continue to try to keep you in the dark and discourage you from trying something else.   I guess they expect poor or bad results because that is their lot in life.  They are accustom to poor outcomes.  Well, there are other ways to handled heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and the ravages of the aging process.  Educate yourself and escape from the expected.  You do not have to feel and be old when your age advances.  Really, you don’t.