Get The Lead Out!!!

If you have a chronic degenerative disease or just want to avoid illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, you need to understand chelation therapy.  There is a great deal of false data and confusion out there regarding the use of this therapy and what form it should be in; should you have intravenous treatments in a physicians office or take oral supplements containing the chelating agent at home?
Dr Maulfair has been helping people utilizing chelation therapy for over 35 years with stellar success and happiness that comes with seeing someone really turn their health around and start living again.  His patients are the endless source of the direct observation that chelation therapy improves circulation throughout the body, reduces blood pressure, helps the body avoid the ravages of diabetes, and contributes to overall well being.  Working with the other physicians attending some patients he has demonstrated that it is possible to put the patient first keeping friendly relationships with some doctors that may not agree with him.  Some doctors and critics have a hard time observing the obvious and if they do and it fails to agree with what they think they blame positive results on the placebo effect.

Yes, doctors already know the body heals itself and repairs in spite of doctors’ drug pushing and they know some things resolve on their own in spite of the treatment.  You can give someone a placebo and get a good result in some of the cases.  It is true throughout the world of help in any form.

If there is a placebo effect of 20% that remains constant in the medical literature then should you not expect a much higher cure or help rate than 20% if you are giving a treatment to someone?  Yet chronic degenerative disease like heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes continues to worsen over time and people need more drugs and procedures to alleviate symptoms.

Chelation therapy has a better track record when administered as an infusion directly into the blood stream than when taken orally.  Why?  By definition you are administering a chelating agent that attracts a heavy metal.  The chelating agent has a negative charge and the heavy metals in your body like lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury and others have a positive charge.  This is simple attraction.  They are attracted to one another and bind, continue to circulate until the kidneys send the bonded metals out of your body in urine.  When you take a chelating agent by mouth you are sending it into your digestive system and it needs to do the work it does in the blood stream.  If your digestion is in perfect shape you may absorb some of the chelating agent, but not all.  If you do absorb it and you took it with water that had lead in it the chelating agent is already bound to the lead in the water and is not available to remove any lead from your body.  One other problem.  That lead bound to the chelating agent may have had a chance to remain in your digestive system and leave in your stool but now it is carried into your blood stream like any nutrients would be and it should not be there.

Heavy metals accumulating in your body are dangerous no matter your level of symptoms.  We pick them up from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the things we put on our skin.  If you work in an environment where there is exposure you have a double wammy.  A small amount of lead is found to cause higher blood pressure; you can induce high blood pressure with lead accumulations and this fact is seldom brought up in the popular media or common medical information.  Metals are found in the muscle of the heart at autopsy of heart disease patients.

Metals cause all kinds of havoc in the body, lead and mercury cause neurological problems for instance.  Any wellness program or concern for the prevention of the problems of aging needs to include a preventive chelation program.  Get the metals out!!  There are doctors all over this country who  administer chelation and many of them are certified by the American Board of Clincal Metal Toxicology.  Seek these guys out and learn what you can about the real causes of ill health and the problems of aging. Check out and for qualified doctors near you and get the metals out!!