You Are The Test Subject for Big Pharma

The news of harm by pharmaceutical drugs goes on. The wretched fact that we fail to understand is that drugs and vaccines are tested in small limited ways and after market the real health disasters show up. It may be that the drug companies know and suppress the information to make a buck, but it may also be that the pre-market trials are too small or limited in some way to reflect the true biological activities of the toxin. All drugs are considered toxins in one way or another by your body. My dear husband, an osteopathic physician, advises his patients and the public during seminars on health related topics, not to fall prey for the benefit of science and to wait until a drug has been around — in use, for many years — a minimum of five. Resist the deep desire to be a human guinea pig in your efforts to help society improve. Did you know the estimate of adverse side effect reporting is one percent (1%). You heard right — only one percent of the problems ever are reported to the FDA.

It is not funny – really not funny. We just used our most precious children who are not sexually active to test a vaccine to protect them from an uncommon virus and we are finding the horrendous side effects early, not five years – more like one year. Check out the website of the American Physicians and Surgeons, of the day/0046 and read all about it and change the way YOU accept advice from doctors. 

Change now, find doctors who know something about nutrition, safe treatments, life style changes you can make.  If you want a look at how a safe and effective medical center with treatments for serious problems operates check out our site at There are clinics like ours all over the country.

The horror story on the Gardasil vacine is just now surfacing. Judicial Watch describes the Gardasil story as a “large-scale public health experiment.“ Greedy, unscupulous pharmaceutical company strikes again with a PR campaign scaring parents of young children into something they would not normally think about as the virus is not a risk for most people. Read the website and look into what has happened for some young women who are victims of this campaign. Contemplate the fact that government and pharma are closely tied and that these types of vaccines could be made mandatory for school attendance. Look into the curriculum of your young students, first and second graders. In some schools they teach safe sex practices to these children. All part of social engineering needed to create the market for such vaccines. Parents get taken in and alarmed and accept harmful solutions to problems that do not exist and later find they have have seriously harmed their children and not helped.

Your willingness to educate yourself on how vaccines are formulated and how the body works and what pharmaceutical drugs are and do is your insurance you will be careful with your health care dollars and careful with any advice you seek on your health. Think for a moment about what HEALTH really is.

Join us in a campaign to refuse to be unpaid guinea pigs for the benefit of some profit seekers. The story of the benefits of complementary, alternative medicine are just now coming into the news and you should listen. There are things you can do to avoid big pharma altogether for most health problems and symptoms, try them first.