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Patient Comments- A Parnership with Dr. Maulfair

April 23, 2019

Before I went to see Dr. Maulfair, I had been feeling sick for about 5 months like I've never been sick before.

I went to my mainstream medicine doctors with symptoms of fatigue, extreme dizziness, nausea, digestive issues, cloudy thinking and a very bad rash with extreme itching on my eyes, scalp and forehead. I knew I had some type of allergy. At first my dermatologist thought I had a gluten intolerance and put me on a gluten-free diet which did not help at all. In September 2019, I went to the Allentown Fair and couldn't be sure what was gluten-free, so I said to my husband "I'll have some cotton candy, that has no gluten." After eating the cotton candy, the rash got worse and I began to itch over my head, face and neck. Then a light bulb went off. It was sugar!

Now I began to do my own research and came to the conclusion that I had an overgrowth of yeast in my intestines. I put myself on "The Candida Diet" (found on the Internet) immediately. I began losing weight quite quickly. My six-month check with my primary care doctor was due so I told him what came up with. He did not say much and looked down, told me to follow-up with the dermatologist. After I told the dermatologist what I suspected and the fact that the gluten-free diet was not working, he told me it looked like I had a chemical allergy. I asked him "What about my other symptoms?". He said he did not know. He asked if I was using something new. I could not think of anything and told him no. I later realized that he was right about at least the chemical allergy.

Besides the recent symptoms I was having, for many years I had digestive issues each time I ate, including gas, bloating and at times severe diarrhea. I went to my gastroenterologist and he came up with nothing more than giving me a C-Diff test. I knew I couldn't have that, because I had it after my C-section and they hospitalized me for 2 weeks on an IV. So again, I was left on my own to try whatever might work. I stopped eating wheat products and took a Glucomannan fiber supplement which helped for a while.

I remained on the "Candida Diet", lost about 15 pounds and realized that some of the supplements I was taking were natural antifungals, causing die-off symptoms of the yeast and making me quite sick. In desperation, I left a message for my doctor requesting Nystatin or some prescription medication because I was not getting anywhere doing this myself. It was becoming difficult getting to work everyday and performing well at my job. His wife called me back stated the doctor would not give me Nystatin, "How do you know you have this?" At that point, I knew I had to look for an alternative doctor who recognizes this issue.

I believe it was divine guidance that led me to Dr. Maulfair in November 2018 who agreed with my findings and knew just how to treat it. I was so relieved. All my tests concluded that I had an overgrowth of yeast for most of my life which led to a leaky gut, dysbiosis and food intolerance I was never aware of. All of this explained so many health issues I had for years. My prayers were answered.

After 3 rounds of prescription antifungals, a vitamin and supplement regimen at home, of course "Dr. Maulfair's Candida Diet" and several months of oxidation, nutrient and glutathione infusions I was feeling so much better, but still itched and had a rash.

It occurred to me in late January that soon after I had a vinyl plank floor installed in my kitchen that all of this misery soon began. I researched this flooring and discovered that it was made from PVC, contained dioxins, phthalates and other toxins. Wow! I was going to rip out this floor for sure! With more research, I discovered a "green flooring" company who made a product that was environmentally safe. After the old floor was removed and the new one installed, what a difference! My eyes and itching cleared up. I feel so good, it is incredible!

Dr. Maulfair was so right about so many things. The idea that every part of your health is in your gut —your immune system, allergies, even your mood! That fact that your brain is connected to your gut is so true. I am living proof. With Dr. Maulfair's treatment I was able to discontinue antidepressants that I had been taking for 45 years and failed each time I tried to stop, due to withdrawal symptoms that made me so sick I could not function. This alone is a miracle! I am off all medications except for a mild blood pressure pill.

I feel tremendous after all of this. I told Dr. Maulfair at my last visit that I feel like "I can fly". My daughter is having a big wedding in June and I am so grateful to have renewed my health just in time for her big day.

— A.E.

Murder by Wrong Diagnosis

The Arkansas Democratic Chairmanve m murdered this week at the hands of another killer on antidepressants.  Effexor prescription found in the home of the killer is documented to cause “homicidal Ideation”. 
A person with depression does not have a deficiency of a drug, period.  Simple mineral imbalances, hormonal problems, dietary problems, and any other health condition can cause depression.  So can problems in life.  Instead of doing something worthwhile that works, that is meaningful, doctors get rid of the guy by giving a prescription and off they go.  Some kill.  Watch the video “Psychiatry: Prescription for Violence and educate yourself.  Go to  You can also watch the 1991 FDA hearing video on this issue.

As a medical center seeing hundreds of people and helping them without ever resorting to prescribing mind altering drugs we see the improvement in health problems handled and the depression vanishes.  Please take a good look at this issue and get involved.  Who knows, one of the next victims could be someone you know.