Chelation Therapy for Health

Our interest in our own health and doing something about it is the real health care reform.  Understanding the role inflammation and its causes in the development of problems in aging is something Dr. M has devoted his life’s work to.   When you wonder why something is happening you can often find out.  That curious attitude helps in the practice of medicine. 
Dr. M changed a number of years back – like 40- he wanted to help people avoid the problems of aging and the problems of chronic disease.   No quarrel with common medical care he just noticed drugs and surgery are not the answer to chronic conditions.  The idea that you watch someone’s circulatory problems over time until they become bad enough to warrant surgery didn’t sit well with him.  Why not take proactive preventive actions to stop the progression or slow the progress or change the course of the disease altogether.

He uses chelation therapy to help people eliminate heavy metals, he does not use it because he is contrary.  The clinical results speak for themselves.  Our patients regain their energy levels  and we have clinical results and test results that show the changes.  They off load a major contributing factor causing inflammation and circulatory problems, diabetes, arthritis and generally poor energy output.  Did you know that the heart muscle of people with cardiomyopathy has shown levels of antimony 12,000 times higher than control subjects in a study using biopsy of heart muscle.  The same study showed 22,000 time the level of mercury than controls.   Concentrations of cadmium in the air of 28 cities for which data are available show a marked correlation with death rates from hypertension and arteriosclerotic heart disease.

There are over 4,300 articles in the medical literature connecting small amounts of lead in the body and the development of high blood pressure.    So when you are looking at prevention you need to include treatments because it is not the measure of blood pressure that prevents anything, it is wondering why it is high and doing something to prevent it getting higher and going within normal range.  Lead is not tested with a blood test to look at the serum levels, it needs to be tested a different way as the body removes it from the blood stream as fast as it can.  That’s right,  your body knows more than some doctors.  Your body sequesters the lead to get it out of the way.

We are talking about real health care reform everyday around here and it is a lot of fun!!  Soon.  Coleen