Self Care in Health the Answer to Obamacare

People are turning to alternative and complementary medicine in droves and it is a very good thing.  Taking care to find out about organic foods, alternative medicine and changes in lifestyle to remain healthy is critical in light of the recent news in health.  Are you following the psyche advice lately?  If you are pregnant or a new mom OR A NEW DAD you are likely to be mentally ill.  Ill enough to be drugged for depression!!  Yep.  Instead of embracing the new arrangements needing to be made in your life and getting your hormonal levels checked you should be drugged for depression or for being psychotic because you have trouble coping.  By answering a few subjective questions by your doctors you too can add the serious happiness threatening drugs to your life and enjoy all the side effects.  It will take your mind  off your new baby arrangements and sleepless nights.
Seriously.  As a society, my fellow citizens, we are all affected by these outrageous ideas.  Your kids go to school with my kids, moms on drugs for depression have babies with birth defects.  Dads on drugs lose their enthusiasm.  That is the goal you know, if you are drugged you will not be as active and your personality will change.  We have too many people who care about the world around them, who are sincerely worried and who will not stop talking about it!! Drugging them in mass is a great idea and besides we can make gobs of money at it and help all our stockholders.

Did you know one of the drug companies got out of the depression drug business?  In my mind this can only mean the lawsuits over side effects started to mount up and they can see the train coming for them.  But no worries, a few weeks after that news we have the glorious news that our beloved service men and women are being hospitalized for mental illness at a greater rate than for physical illness so the industry is making money on our misery.

When you wear pesticide infused clothing and are given amphetamines to keep you “alert” you can start to become extremely miserable.  Add the responsibilities of service to your country to that and you have a recipe for disaster.  But that is the game.  You have to create mental illness if you are the drug and psyche industry because few seek your help.  So the psyches have the government hacks by the throat and their advice is to drug our service men and women;  then when they can’t take it anymore the psyches jump in like heros to “treat” them.  They now pretend to help the condition they themselves created.  In mental hospitals our servicemen and women will not recover.  There will be a greater incidence of suicide and homicide.  You see we have unsuspecting people trained as sharpshooters on mind altering drugs and flying fast war machines who are unaware of the side effects of their medications.  Go to this index of papers and scare yourself to death.

If you are a service man or woman or their family please check this out and make sure they seek proper medical care for problems.  There are tons of physical problems and mental problems that are easily handled when you find the underlying health problems; hormonal imbalances, improper nutrient intake, toxin overloads and on and on.  A simple mineral deficiency can cause insomnia and muscle pain.