Healthy Aging Is Possible with Chelation Infusions

Chelation Infusion Therapy offers anyone a chance to age gracefully and restore youthful elasticity throughout the entire circulatory system no matter your health status, well or ill, heart disease or not. Teaching the public the value of chelation infusions and chelation therapy should include information about the development of chronic degenerative disease and basic physiology. When you restore the circulatory system's ability to deliver nutrients and remove waste products on the cellular level you are affecting your health in a big way. Cellular health from head to foot is the goal; we want health, energy and beauty from the inside out. Innovative physicians across this country offer their patients a real way to stay young, not only at heart but body wide. In every clinic where chelation infusions have been in use you will find hundreds and hundreds of success stories of people who overcame serious health problems due to the diseases of aging and also the hundreds and hundreds of people who avoided serious problems altogether due to a program of healthful living and chelation infusion therapy.

You cannot do a few things to help yourself retain or regain your health; you need to do a number of things. There is not one recommendation that will magically save you but you can save yourself the ravages of aging by doing the usual; exercise, eating fresh organic foods full of nutrient dense choices, taking high quality potent nutrient supplements and high quality fish oils and vegetable oils of a good variety, avoiding toxic exposures of all kinds AND utilizing chelation infusions with a physician trained in this life saving therapy. You need to do those things that keep you healthy and you need to remove the reasons why you are not; including the accumulation of heavy metals and ionic calcium that impedes your circulatory system long before you have a symptom.

Minerals must be replaced during a Chelation Infusion Program as they are lost along with heavy metals and ionic calcium by the infusion of the chelating agent. A program is comprehensive and must include exercise, proper diet and oral nutrients. As additional advice you need to realize that oral chelation is not going to measure up to chelation infusions as you could never ingest the amount of EDTA in the infusion treatment by mouth; if you absorb any of the chelating agent in your gut you may move heavy metals from the water you swallowed it with into the circulation, not a good thing.

The Science of Chelation Therapy

The chemistry behind chelation therapy was not invented; it was discovered. The Swiss Nobel Laureate Alfred Werner in 1893 suggested the chemical structure that was later confirmed by others. This chemical structure which involves an organic molecule surrounding a metal ion was defined and termed 'chelation' in 1920 and in 1913 the Nobel Prize was awarded for discovery of chelation chemistry.

The complex, of the organic molecule, when it surrounds a metal nullifies the reactive charge on the metal, which is what causes certain metals to have undesirable reactions. Again, this chelation complex was not invented in a laboratory; it was discovered as existing in nature. It is a part of nature and it is a part of us. Examples of chelation chemistry existing in nature include chlorophyll which is a chelate of magnesium, hemoglobin which is a chelate of iron, vitamin B12 which is a chelate of cobalt. The coenzyme, cytochrome C, and the enzymes, catalase and peroxidase, are chelates of iron.

Chelation therapy as a medical treatment, in part, is the use of a chelating agent (organic molecule) introduced into the body, ideally as an infusion (intravenously). As it circulates around the body, suspended in the bloodstream, it will attract and surround a metal ion. The resulting complex, chelating agent (organic molecule) and the surrounded metal ion will eventually pass through the kidneys. The kidneys recognize this complex as not being food and not needed or wanted and it is filtered from the bloodstream through the kidneys into the urine and then eliminated from the body. More in a moment about why the activity of deburdening the body of minerals and metals can be so therapeutic.

The consideration of using this chelation chemistry therapeutically in man began to be formulated in the era around World War II as an antidote for arsenic-containing poison gasses. Arsenic is a metal, that if immobilized, would decrease the effectiveness of the poison gasses. Around the same time, the chelating agent EDTA (ethylenediamine tetra-acetate acid) appeared on the scene in 1947. Studies were done in Georgetown University and at Walter Reed Army Hospital on patients utilizing the chelating agent EDTA. An entirely different application of chelation therapy in vascular disease and related disorders began to be reported in the medical literature around 1950. Back to minerals and why they are so important in health and in disease.

Energy production is the most basic and essential activity in the body. Impaired energy production will result in impaired health and is a major factor in the development of chronic degenerative diseases and the aging process as well. The body\'s energy is a composite of cellular energy production. An average body has approximately 7,000 billion cells. In order for cellular energy to proceed effectively and efficiently, enzymes must be present. Enzymes are proteins which accelerate the cellular chemical reactions that result in the cellular energy production. There are hundreds of enzymes. This enzymatic reaction must have a coenzyme or cofactor to have an effective reaction. Many coenzymes must have a mineral and/or a vitamin as an essential ingredient. Magnesium and zinc, for instance, are coenzymes necessary for hundreds of cellular chemical reactions, so if there is a deficiency of an essential coenzyme mineral it blocks the enzyme needed to insure that the cellular chemical reaction happens and that determines the cellular function, and consequently the health and function of the organ and other systems the malfunctioning cells are located in.

There is yet another way in which minerals affect health. We have just learned of the essential nature of certain minerals in cellular health and therefore, body health. Energy production of all kinds depends on this activity. Toxic minerals can compete for positions with the enzymes. Toxic metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, uranium and others are particularly adroit at replacing the essential mineral (magnesium, zinc and others) on the cellular receptors. This toxic mineral (wrong coenzyme/cofactor) prevents the enzyme from being active; therefore, the cell energy and function suffers and the body's health and function suffer, disease ensues and symptoms eventually follow and resulting symptoms are the central concern of standard medical treatment.

A chelation therapy program, as one of its modes of action, provides a solution for mineral imbalances, both essential and toxic, increasing the essential minerals and decreasing the toxic minerals and metals. A chelation therapy program is a common sense comprehensive program that when properly designed and followed can restore health, cellular health resulting in increased energy and bodily health.

Are Your Vitamin Supplements and Herbs or Amino Acids Dangerous?

In a short article in the Townsend Letter, April 2010, there is the shocking information that in 2008 report (most recent data available) of the US National Poison Data System published in the journal Clinical Toxicology shows zero deaths from multiple vitamins, zero deaths from any of the B vitamins, zero deaths from vitamins A, C, D, or E and zero deaths from any other vitamin.  No deaths from amino acids or herbal products and zero deaths from dietary mineral supplements.
Here is the real story they reported;  “Over half of the US population takes daily nutritional supplements.  If each one of those people took only one single tablet daily, that makes 154,000,000 individual doses per day, for a total of over 56 billion doses annually.” People take more than one vitamin a day.  According to the FDA and news media these are dangerous pills.  OR…. could it be these facts are dangerous to the drug companies bottom line? 

Each of us needs to dedicate the next year to seeking the truth on subjects we are concerned with.  We need to set the example of truth in data and utterances and perhaps our government and its agencies will catch on, you know your behavior is contagious.  Good or bad.

Contrast this information with all the deaths attributed to the correct prescription use of pharmaceutical drugs, not to mention the incorrect use, and I am going to stick with my supplements, organic foods and enjoy the production and extra time I create with my health.