Murder by Wrong Diagnosis

The Arkansas Democratic Chairmanve m murdered this week at the hands of another killer on antidepressants.  Effexor prescription found in the home of the killer is documented to cause “homicidal Ideation”. 
A person with depression does not have a deficiency of a drug, period.  Simple mineral imbalances, hormonal problems, dietary problems, and any other health condition can cause depression.  So can problems in life.  Instead of doing something worthwhile that works, that is meaningful, doctors get rid of the guy by giving a prescription and off they go.  Some kill.  Watch the video “Psychiatry: Prescription for Violence and educate yourself.  Go to  You can also watch the 1991 FDA hearing video on this issue.

As a medical center seeing hundreds of people and helping them without ever resorting to prescribing mind altering drugs we see the improvement in health problems handled and the depression vanishes.  Please take a good look at this issue and get involved.  Who knows, one of the next victims could be someone you know.