Chelation Therapy In the News Again!!

The confusion intended by opponents is rampant,  it is as if a conspiracy is afoot.  The Washington Post just printed an article on the FDA cracking down on chelation therapy drugs.  Opponents to independent medical care, opponents to patient choice in treatment, opponents to free markets in health care and opponents to non-pharmaceutical alternatives in health care will feed off this insincere attack on “chelation”.   The confusion about chelation will explode in society at a time when it is already difficult to find out about the efficacy and benefits of intravenous chelation therapy and its role in health care.  Perhaps the goal of the FDA.  The article failed to distinguish between oral chelation  supplements sold on the internet and chelation therapy itself,  a FDA approved medical treatment used  throughout the world since after WWII due to its ability to remove heavy metals from the body.  Yes, FDA approves the use of Chelation Therapy for acute metal toxicity.
Let us straighten out the confusion for you in a very brief form you can continue to research should you be so inclined.  I will provide a list of websites for you and you can find them through our links.  But first, please realize we are involved in the traditional use of chelation therapy in our medical clinic for the prevention and the treatment of circulatory problems related to overloads of heavy metals and ionic calcium (a form of calcium that is not the type in your bones but rather an altered form of calcium that is deposited in arteries and other tissues making them “stiff” and damaging them).  We are very biased toward the proper use of chelation therapy as supervised by physicians who are extensively trained in its use and we come by this bias because of Dr. Maulfair’s forty-year track record in achievement of clinic results for his patients who had serious health problems or wanted to prevent them.  He has the respect of many other physicians  because they see the benefits of chelation therapy programs in their mutual patients.  We are experienced and biased.  Our program is comprehensive and follows the protocol accepted by many physicians’ organizations and associations and accrediting bodies.  Further, Dr. Maulfair does not agree with the use of oral chelation supplements and has written an article delineating the reasons why. 

The main chelating “drug”, not the usual definition of a drug as it is a synthetic amino-acid and not a toxin, is ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid, EDTA.  You would be most familiar with this if you read labels on manufactured foods as it is often in the ingredients as a preservative, it inhibits oxidation, but also it is the “goo” you will see at the bottom of  the tube used in a blood draw at your doctor’s office.  Gee.  Wonder why it is in the blood tube?  Because EDTA acts as an anti-coagulant preventing the blood from clotting and being unusable in a test.  Wow, anti-coagulant properties, think about it.  You see, EDTA is one the few substances that can be introduced into the body but not changed by the chemistry of the body.  It has a negative charge and therefore attracts metals with a positive charge and combines with them (chelates) and leaves the body through the kidneys.  Simple.  It is very effective as one part of a comprehensive treatment program  in improving vascular health therefore restoring delivery of nutrients and oxygen to damaged tissues and removing the toxins that contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Wish it were simple to creat an understanding for you because based on some news lately you would not choose chelation if all you did in research were to read those articles.  Here is one for you.  There is an entire chapter on chelation therapy in a recent medical text, a huge thing of wonder published by Saunders called Cardiovascular Drug Therapy.  Were the FDA scientists or you to read this chapter you would learn a great deal of the mechanisms of EDTA chelation therapy;  its opening paragraph…”The complex pathophysiologic cascade of the development of atherosclerosis, with its major stages of lipid oxidation initiating vascular wall damage, ensuing coagulation, and underlying cell death with calcification, poses a therapeutic challenge.  That these individual processes exist simultaneously at varied sites limits the applicability of therapeutic agents targeted to one or another component of the disease progression.  In this respect, EDTA chelation therapy has an implicit advantage in that it can favorably influence all facets of the disease development.   Thus, it can also provide an alternative to the combination of drugs administered to attain a multiplicity of therapeutic effects.”

Check out the International College of Integrative Medicine website and ours for links and more information.  There is much to learn and we sincerely hope you realize medicine is a huge business, it is heavy controlled and due to those factors hard to find the truth and treatments that may save your life.