Anti-aging medical care.

Anti-aging medicine is so much more than cosmetic procedures.  I venture to say many of us would not turn to cosmetic surgery to turn back the clock but would like to do something to regain our energy or return to good health or not slide toward death so fast! 
Beauty and energy and wellness come from within and if the internal needs of the body are not addressed it does not matter what cosmetic path you take, you will not be satisfied.  Many of us realize we are responsible for our own health outcomes as long as we are not harmed by bad advice.  For the next brief months we are still free to take or not the advice of physicians who care for us and we need to encourage others to think for themselves and do a bit of research when told to take pharmaceutical drugs as the answer to their health problems.

Because of the access to so many people through our medical practice Dr. Maulfair has heard it all!!  People who come to us are fed up with the lack of interest on the part of some doctors in finding out WHY they suffer from whatever.   Why? should be the biggest question, certainly posed before the take this drug and call me in the morning  lazy answer.  The body does not fail and become ill due to pharmaceutical deficiencies!!  If you have lost your edge with aging perhaps there is something you can do to adjust your lifestyle as part of the solution.

We are very fortunate at this time because we have alternative voices all across this country with research backup educating the public about health.  As baby boomers we remember when whole wheat flour was suggested and became readily available with new ways to unBetty Crocker ourselves.  We ate veggies again, we walked, we reduced chemical exposures and became aware of planetary environmental issues.  So here we are,  60 and 70 and needing good medical advice.  We are not the sheep our parents might have been, we want to know why and we want healthy answers to our difficulties.

Time to speak up to government officials and elected offiicials running amuck and wanting every pregnant mother to get a psyche evaluation through a questionaire administered by her doctor.  Every one looks mentally ill if you buy that line, it is a marketing strategy to sell drugs for depression and whatever else.  Its really sickening.  I am tired of menopause, pregnancy and all the other happenings in life made into illness – they are not.  Real illness is growing old feeling lousy, that is sick.  Lets steer this society away from “mental illness” to real solutions for feeling lousy.  Find a good anti-aging doctor and follow his non-drug treatments and win. 

Remember we were the generation that did change some things for the better-lets do it again.  Lets start talking and doing-in a really big way-for health freedom and healthy happy old age!!  Maybe we need some more marches on Washington, walking is good for us!!!