We Already Solved the High Cost of Medical Care

Medical savings accounts utilizing pre-tax dollars with the control remaining with you, for the most part, on what you spend it on is the answer.  Simple and already available.   You still are free to choose your doctor.  Medical savings accounts are a great solution and being happily used by many of our citizens.  Medical savings accounts combine a high deductible hospitalization plan, for those times of acute and serious illness, with a savings account you can access as you need during the year for visits to your favorite doc.  The IRS does specify what you can use it for but even that  list could be changed by working with your legislators to increase the freedom of choice of what YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY ON.  That is a scream- I find it so hard not to scream when it comes to my life, my body, my health, my money.  How dare the government tell me what to do!!!!
Am I the only one alarmed at the pompous controllers attempting to  exert their bright ideas over my life - Washington know bests??   My personal experience is somewhat different than some as my amazing husband is an independent anti-aging  physician who relies on his ability to help people to make a living.  He does not need an insurance company to condone his practices; he left their clutches a number of years ago.   It is tough, I think he is lonely at times but I know how sound he sleeps because he does not have to comprise what he knows is right when he gives advice to his patients.  He practices what he preaches so that helps too.  Patients really admire him and I do too, he gets results because he wonders why someone has a problem; he does not hand out the latest drug for the symptom.  He investigates why the person has the problem in the first place, then treating the underlying cause of problems  brings results.  Simple.  Provide what the body needs to stay healthy or regain health OR remove the impediment to health and viola! healthy people.

So…we have this health care thing solved.  Independent physicians working with independent patients who make their own decisions of how to spend their health care dollars.  It works very well for very many.   Check out drmaulfair.com and go to our links for other doctors and at icimed.com. Check out the website of the American Physicians and Surgeons if you want the best source of independent medical thinking and to find out what really goes on with health care politics at aapsonline.org    Our website has many other links to other organizations of independent medical care. 

Join us in stopping the Mothers Act in your state and federally and get on board with your voice for independence.  We have welfare programs and disability programs for people who are destitute, the feds (rather us) could by them all medical savings accounts and save a ton of money.