Health Care Freedom

It is time to let your legislators, both state and federal, know you intend to retain the meager freedom you currently have to select your own health care decisions.  We are losing ground when the government wants intrusive control over medical care.  Look to medicare for all.  The only treatment provided will be drugs to keep you docile so you can be housed quietly and not fight back.
Health savings accounts already exist and offer pretax investment in your own plan with a high deductible policy to cover the worst possible risks.  You have more leeway in how you are going to spend your health care dollars with these plans and they should be strengthened.  People need to determine their own choices when you are talking about intimate decisions.  We do not need the insurance companies and the feds making decisions for us.  If we do not fight for medical freedom they will determine if you meet the criteria for a procedure so there will be more wasted dollars.  We currently have disease care  not  health care.

People do not realize how the current system is stacked against health.  In the case of drug rehabilitation you have someone who has a sincere desire to get off of street drugs go to a clinic and find they are now offered only approved psyche drugs as a treatment.  Sound crazy?  It is.  It is also cheaper than actually helping the person clear the drug residues from their bodies thereby reducing the cravings and making it possible for the addict to learn new ways to live without drugs.  The choice is made by the insurance companies because it is cheaper in the short term and they answer to their stockholders-not the addicts or doctors – the stockholders.  Confirmed addicts like the system though because they can get fed and housed for a few days every once in awhile and free drugs.

We are never going to agree completely on the best health care system as a society, we will have those that do not want anything to do with independent choice and financial participation.  We do, however, need to strive for freedom and choice.   If you have noticed those with the purse strings call the shots, currently the insurance company and/or the government.  It should be you and me so we need to search out ways to retain our purse strings and therefore our freedom.  People are sick of paying health care premiums to be told what they can be used for.

If stock holders of the insurance companies knew how much money was wasted on good ole boy medical decisions they would change the system and allow the public to retain control of their own bodies.  Doctors and patients should make the decisions.  If the coming programs remove the decisions to others you had better hope your physician won on the debate team because if you are going to be cared for properly he will have to be convincing.