Please see comments on Mother's Act We Need Your Help

In the comments of Amy Philo; you will find information and things you can do to stop the legislation our “Watch Out Moms!” highlighted.  Please do all you can to help on this.  When we have stopped this we need to expose the process Congress uses to pass laws no one could want if they were informed and read the proposed legislation.  The process is seriously flawed.  Please help today, tomorrow they may take a vote.  Thanks  Coleen Maulfair

Watch out Moms!!!

Frightening legislation is moving through Congress.  Already approved by the House of Representatives “The Mother’s Act“ ( HR20/S. 1375) provides for mental health screening for every mother.  Can you imagine, pregnant women will be “educated“ about the new mental illness of being susceptible to postpartum depression.  The treatment is of course prescription drugs, there is no alternative treatment discussed, just the big pharma answer to life’s difficulties, more of their products, dangerous mind altering prescription drugs.  The FDA documented drugs for depression cause mania, psychosis, hallucinations and suicidal ideation.  People on these drugs have committed horrendous acts of violence against others.
Would it be good for your business if you could screen your fellow citizens,  mandated by the federal government, to find out if they would qualify to be offered your company’s latest piece of equipment or service?  What subjective questions could you develop to check on their status?   Just think, with every doctor’s visit in this country you could get the patient screened to see if they should buy your products. There is the bonus that these doctors are unpaid as marketing representatives, they just do that for you in the course of every patient visit.  This legislation is that crazy, all under the guise of educating moms about depression.  Why not screen everyone for mental illness at every doctor visit, you have indigestion but you get asked questions about depression, make sense?

Moms know the feeling of “empty” after months of carry a baby, it is a distinct sensation and although they have a lovely baby to care for there are those moments when you feel like something is missing, it is.  It is a momentary problem in life.  You could easily call it depression.  Every one of us feels overwhelmed in some way at the prospect of living up to the responsibility that comes with a family.  Soon all the hormone fluctuations normalize and you start feeling like yourself again.  There is a very wide range of moods, aches and pains, and real physical problems that come with having children.  There are normal hormonal imbalances that do not require medical care or drugs.   Taken to the extreme why have kids at all if you become an instant psyche case?

We also need to screen the dads in this picture, I can imagine it must be pretty hard on them, they must feel the panic of a new mouth to feed and all the extra work they need to do to help their wife and newborn.  Think of all the rest they miss with all the extra runs to the store for every little thing, exhausting.  A real potential mental case.  Prescription drugs to numb the mind would be just the thing.

This is so horrifying I am totally shocked the Congress could have been so taken in as to pass this legislation.  The drug company lobby sure is effective.  We need to take our bodies and our lives back and do something to kill this legislation before the Senate votes on it, it is in committee this week and could come out for a vote very soon.  Please contact The Citizens Commission on Human Rights, and inform yourself and then do something, please.  All moms and daughters deserve to conduct their lives without their doctors being made to question them about their social and personal lives.    Coleen Maulfair