Standard Medicine Has Gone Nuts!!

The latest news  being sent to doctors is that there are “residual symptoms” of depression!  Wow! News?  They have such a hard time admitting drugging people is not as effective as they think it should be!  When they treat people they wind up with “residual symptoms”.  I wonder if this is the PR move to counteract the fact that the Department of Justice is investigating the bribery of  doctors by big pharma in the drugging of people?  The idea that we drug people who have problems in their lives is abhorrent to me.  Surprise!  There are symptoms the drugs do not address.   More clearly, they do not work!
The other news this week involved a study that exposed the fact of children being much more likely to be labeled with ADHD and drugged if they were the youngest in the class.  That’s right.  These kids are guilty of being born in the fall and therefore somewhat younger and perhaps more immature than other classmates.  Gee, a penalty for being young is a drug everyday.  With this news of course follows paragraphs of the failure of these drugs to help in the long run and showcases the horrendous side effects.

I hope this news means more people will take the time to consider new approaches, or  in the case of students, old approaches of educating kids instead of drugging them.   We had hard to handle people in every classroom I have ever been in and the teachers were the answer.  Good teachers.  In the case of depression and other mental problems how about a searching physical looking for deficiencies of nutrients or toxic exposures or undiscovered physical illness, all of which can give a person a hopeless and depressed feeling.  Let’s do more.  Five minutes and prescription pad is not helping.  Tons of money in your pocket for talks given to other doctors is being exposed and so are the junkets to exotic places for meetings. 

One day everyone will have the kind of medical I enjoy.  A doctor who listens and cares for me and does not offer me drugs but rather wonders why I have symptom and finds out whats up.  When you solve the problem of malfunctioning of the body and handle that there is no need to give a person a toxin.  All drugs are toxins as far as your body’s response to them.