Do This For Your Health

These are troubled times for us all but for boomers it is especially troubled.  We see fantastic health outcomes everyday but informing people of the real answers is hard over all the misinformation about blood pressure, cholesterol and hormones let alone the big attention getters of heart disease and diabetes.
We have heard audnausium about diet, eggs no eggs, fish oil-mine is the best, no red meat- red meat yes, you know that drill.  Seldom mentioned underlying conditions that cause inflammation and set you up for heart disease, diabetes and cancer down the road are generally unknown. Most doctors are not talking. If you knew the source of the development of disease processes you would not be a customer for drug companies and surgeries.  When your doctor says you have high blood pressure does he ask to test you for heavy metals?

In the Journal of the American Medical Association (2003) lead levels and elevated blood pressure is discussed.  Post menopausal women show the strongest association, when menstration ceases there is no longer lead loss in monthly periods.  Bones demineralize releasing lead into circulation and higher pressures result.  Dr. Maulfair mentions the fact that there are over 4,000 medical papers citing the relationship between high blood pressure and lead in his seminars.  We address the removal of lead with our patients, not only does it affect blood pressure but also cognitive function but to benefit  people need correct medical information to change their  future.

The many metals we find in our patients are the cause of simple things like lack of energy and complications like heart disease and diabetes.  You should know your heavy metal levels.  A successful trial was recently completed by NIH regarding chelation therapy, it removes ionic calcium and heavy metals and improves diabetes and heart disease.  Chelation therapy is a treatment choice for active disease and for prevention.  Get the metal out before you have symptoms should be your health goal for 2014.  Good health is the only escape for the confusion and trouble throughout the world of health insurance and medicine.

Coleen Maulfair