Private doctor and patient relationships

Dr. Maulfair and so many doctors across this nation have spent a lifetime in a career they love.  They love helping people improve their health and avoid bad outcomes.  They can do this because they understand functional medicine and they wonder why people have symptoms so they look for underlying causes.  Not quick to use pharmaceutical drugs they keep their patients safe and healthy.  When you remove the impediments to good health you help people for real.  It takes longer, the visits are longer, the relationships with patients are more extensive but it works.  They even talk to their patients about money and their patients know the charges because many of them pay out of pocket.
If health care is changed to restrict the practice of medicine you will loose these doctors because they will not fit in the pattern and you can’t have that in a system run by someone other than the doctor and patient.  Take a look. The problem with the current system is the middlemen making money off the patient and then off the doctor.   I think these lawyers, rather lawmakers, in DC should try this government run health care system in the form of a  pilot program on the legal system first.  Let’s develop mandated insurance programs for legal troubles and then the insurance programs can work like malpractice insurance.  The insurance company decides outcomes.  How about that?  Why not let them try this on their profession first.  Let the companies set their fees and then pay them less each year and start to tell them how to defend their clients or go after the offenders.

I remember when freedom and personal responsiblity were important.  I worked in the insurance industry when it first took over health care.  I remember the early days of the “going rate charged” in an area.  The company would only pay the customary allowable rate.  Flat playing field for all but the “flat” part was not designed by the players but the payors.

Find an independent physician and watch your health improve and the actual costs go down.  Use health savings accounts with high deductible insurance policies and you will have more say over your care and you will save money.  Avoid anyone outside the exam room telling you what treatments are best and what you need, do your own research and find treatments that avoid the health robbing effects of pharmaceutical drugs.