I Love It!

Today is Sunday, its time.  On my drive in to run our sauna detoxification program I was in the vicinity of a Mennonite Church in our area.  It is wonderful to pass buggies and bike riders heading to Church with babies on the laps of their mothers as the Dads drive the horse.  Most of horses look cheerful too with their heads high, manes blowing in the breeze they are creating as they dash along looking forward to standing next to their friends in the shed while their people go to the service.  It is a scene that makes you glad to be alive.  Alive in a country where families stick together and work hard and take in the day of rest to be with God and their families and friends. 
The local Mennonite and Amish farms grow without the use of harmful chemicals for the most part creating a community where you can find organic foods grown nearby.  Simple homes with flowers around offering the extra to anyone who stops.  I love it.  There are those who use chemicals and accept sludge for fertilizer but there are more who grow vegetables with consideration for health.  It is wonderful to have the countryside as a view, knowing there are foods close by for the farmers markets and communities.  I love to follow the buggies and watch the feet of horse under the carriage going like made as they climb the hills and tear across the flats on their way somewhere.   It is a great pace, you can actually see the flowers on the roadsides and have more than a glimpse of your countryside.  The closest we get to this is a ride in Conrad’s 1924 Dodge Brothers touring car,  it moves at about the pace of the horses with carriage.

I love it!  The horse, the carriage and the kind people in their pretty dresses and Sunday clothes.  Life is good.