Time to consider some things over the holiday.

Alarming as it may be the press if full of news of scientists admitting to taking mind altering drugs for “cognitive enhancement”, some are on the big pharma money train.   Some are not.  Ritalin, Adderall and drugs like them carry scary side effects.  They have black box warnings of sudden death, heart attack and stroke especially for people with heart disease, never mind the murderous rages some people experience.  How do you explain to a child who has just had a stroke due to a drug prescribed to HELP them that you are sorry?  One Pennsylvania Mom had her 10 year old daughter die in her arms in the doctors office due to the prescription ADHD drug she was taking, heart attack.  Does cognitive enhancement drug use sound like a  good idea?   Read all about it on your home pages health tab.
A child of the 60’s I took 1/2 a tab of Benzedrine for spring final week, I was up for three days did all my work, slept 8 hours, felt fine and then told the person I got it from to NEVER give me that again even if I asked for it.  I knew it was too easy and I did not want to be a victim of personality in a bottle syndrome.  Most people know the devastation of speed freaks, acne, heart disease, muscle weakness, addicts, man!!!!    For a short time there are benefits and those benefits are noticed by most anyone.  Is a few days a benefit when you face addiction? Acne? Heart attacks?  Have you ever smoked marijuana and then written down all your bright ideas only to find the next day when you read them there is not one good idea on the page let alone a coherent sentence?  Drugs make you stupid. Really stupid. 

As a society how will we stand up against the horrendous drug problem our young students experience, they are attacked from all sides.  Teachers, parents, school administrators, doctors want them on meds because they have behavior problems.  There is a big sign by their school that says DRUG FREE ZONE, just another joke from the idiot adults in their lives that do not understand.  The kid pushers are everywhere.  Ask any kid in any school area and they can tell you how to get drugs in a few minutes.  The insurance companies love this because expensive as it is it is they think it is cheaper than solving the kids problem with searching diagnostics to find food sensitivities, underlying health problems, allergies, heavy metal toxicity and on and on.  Insurance companies give drug addicts prescription drugs and call it treatment for drug problems!!!  

Now they have our societies prominent SCIENTISTS saying cognitive enhancement drugs are the wave of the future, we take them already.  Not only will we lose our scientific edge as a society we will have drug induced illnesses to contend with.  Our insurance premiums pay for the drugs and then are called upon to clean up the physical mess they make with more care, more drugs to handle the side effects of the first ones.

WACKO...no other words for this.  Spend some time this holiday season and do your own research  How will taking an “attention” drug help a child who has a lead overload?  Check out the article “The Canaries Dropped from the Skies.”


Did you know your kids could be smoking a perfectly legal herb that could render them psychotic?  Salvia, a form of mexican sage, is perfectly legal and being used by kids.  You tube has videos of a drug company scientist saying they do not want the DEA to take action against the plant because they are studying it for potential use as a medical drug.  The drug effects of smoking salvia is a huge threat to your family if your child may be prone to trying something.  You could have a bale of it in your car as it is perfectly legal, sage.  Dress a turkey or pick your kid off the street if you can find him after he goes psychotic.

Please look into these problems and warn parents of the kids around you.  We are helping a family now that is dealing with the devastation of salvia use. 

Advocacy of drugs and medications for every little thing needs to stop and maybe we will be able to slow the use of drugs by our kids.