Melamine in Your Foods

One week the FDA says there is no safe level of melamine in foods.  Correct from our perspective since it is manufacturing product not a food.  Then… in all their scientific brilliance and desire to protect the poor public from themselves and others,  they reverse the stance because it was found in low levels in baby formulas in this country and we would not want to scare women into nursing their babies again would we???!!!   Takes us out of the work force for a few minutes a day.
Go to and read all about it in an article entitled “First It’s Not Safe, and Then It Is!  The FDA Position on Melamine May Give Us All a Case of Whiplash.”

Over the holidays buy local fresh foods and enjoy the taste, the higher nutrients levels and for heavens sake buy foods from the US, it is safer.  Please increase your use of fresh organic foods.  We make all our baked goods for the season with organic sugar, organic rice syrup, organic spelt flours or others and organic meats, eggs and produce.  Everything taste so good and we are safer.  Merry Christmas to all of you,  Coleen and Conrad