The History and Critics of Chelation Therapy

I often wonder how many people are turned away from considering chelation therapy by lies of the critics.  Such a shame.  When it comes to health there is a sea of false data easy to adopt if you aren’t careful.  Powered by the big pharma, a huge business interest, supported by people in the shadows with scetchy credentials whose employers remain hidden, ideas are assumed from “experts” in medicine protecting  us from some scam, as if we could not protect ourselves.
You have a responsibility, especially in these times of endless critics of all things good and wholesome,  of checking out the source of your data.  Who are they?  Who do they work for?  What is the economic interest?   Are they qualified to render the opinion you use as guidance?  The critics of chelation therapy have been at it for a long time.

Ask yourself this,  if a treatment or drug is approved by the FDA AND it is common practice in all of medicine to use an approved substance for a use other than its approved use, if there is an observation on the part of a doc for some other benefit, what is the beef with EDTA chelation therapy?  You see, years ago, just after WWII intravenous EDTA was used to remove lead in ship yard workers who were painting battleships and took on a toxic body load of lead.  What was observed is their blood pressure went down and some other circulatory problems improved.  But…. they were using EDTA to remove lead.  Since those days brave doctors who dare help their patients with treatments that actually work and restore health have been using EDTA based on those observations and clinical results of thousands of patients who have benefitted.

Doctors in standard medicine do this all the time, seeing psyche drugs causing weight gain in patients they prescribe psyche drugs, normally used for depression, to people who are underweight. There are tons of examples. 

Here is the real rub.  Ever ask yourself why circulatory problems develop?  Why high blood pressure?  Why, why why should be the most frequent used word in conversations with your doctors.  Dr. Maulfair cites in his educational seminars the fact that medical literature, standard medical literature,  in over 4,000 papers relates small increases in body burdens of lead with increase blood pressure.  That is why edta chelation therapy helps people with heart disease and other circulatory problems and inflamatory conditions!!!!   That was a scream.

I have spent years observing the health improvements of edta chelation therapy in my husband’s medical practice.  I see what happens for his patients  I wish everyone in this country with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and any problem of aging could avail themselves of this kind of medical care.  EDTA is approved for the removal of heavy metal overloads and if it were not legal it could not have been used for all these years. But the jealous profession of medicine and the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies conspire to do the least for you.   They are misleading their stock holders who stand to make good money with the less expensive wholistic medical treatments some of us enjoy.  There is a big difference between 2 years of chelation therapy to treat heart disease and a bypass operation, thousands of dollars difference.  The body burden of toxins and heavy metals is what starts the decline in your health and eventually leads to symptoms and drug use.  Ask yourself what causes inflamation, what causes plague in arteries, what kind of plague causes heart attacks?  Heavy metal toxicity is at the route of most heart problems and the FDA approves EDTA for removal of metals.  The rub is in the consideration of what constitutes a heavy metal overload as the level of metals in our bodies is now considered normal because we all have them.  Endless chasing of tails unless you do this….. demand to control your own body and select your own treatments and run your own health.  Use docs as consultants and talk to your employers about medical savings accounts and any thing else you can think of that returns the decisions to the patient and the doctor.

For more information check out the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology,, The International College of Integrative Medicine, or contact us and we will send you comments and information from our patients, listen to what they have to say about the improvements.  Thanks again for listening.  Coleen