"Psychiatric" problems

Comments from one of our patients says it all.

I am a 37 year old female. I had suffered from panic attacks for about 6 months. I also had a lack of concentration, mood swings and struggled with losing weight.

I decided I had had enough of pharmaceuticals. I decided to go see Doctor Maulfair. He ran some tests on me and I found out my symptoms were related to food allergies and yeast overgrowth. Once I started on a food elimination diet, vitamins and supplement I started feeling better within a month. I have more energy and do not feel sluggish by lunchtime each day. I have lost 13 pounds so far, and concentrate much better and do not feel jittery anymore. My husband said that I am more patient and not so moody. I no longer have panic attacks either!

Thank you so much Dr. Maulfair. I feel young again. I have my life back.

K.S. December 2007

The point is you can have symptoms, any symptoms, and never handle them if you use prescription drugs because all they do is mask the effects of the symptoms while they further poison your already stressed body.

The only way medical care is going to change is if you demand to know WHAT is causing your problems.  You must demand telling diagnostics that do not just include invasive probes but also include diagnostic measures that assess the FUNCTION of your body.  You need to know what is happening with your digestion, your toxic body load, your hormonal status, and countless other things related to your  symptoms.  Find a doctor who will listen to you and who is curious to know what ails you. 

Taking meds without thought to the causes gives you new problems you didn’t have and your body is still not functioning normally even though the symptom maybe masked.  Drugs for psyche related problems often cause unwanted weight gain, they are even used by docs to help under weight people gain weight, nasty use.   Countless media outlets are describing the serious problems with taking prescription drugs and putting you on notice.  LISTEN.  It is estimated that 106,000 people die from adverse drug reactions every year even though they took the drugs as recommended by their docs.  That is a huge problem but think of the countless others who just have physical damage because they thought the drug would help.  Do you really think your body has a drug deficiency? 

If you need to find a doctor who might agree that you could inprove with good care instead of prescription drugs, check out icimed.com, acam.org, medical-library.net, and countless others.